In an article in the Birmingham Mail, Northfield councillor Reg Corns (Conservative) has said that many schools in the city do not do enough to tackle bullying.

He told the Mail: ““It needs to be taken seriously. Some schools do deal with it properly, but there are many who do not and they should be compelled to do so.”

Fellow Northfield councillor and head of the Children Young People and Families Directorate, Les Lawrence told the Mail that all schools are required to have a policy for dealing with bullying.

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  1. I agree schools do not do enough I have 4 children 3 of whom have been victims of bullying one currently on part time school because the bullies make him angry and another one just moved to another school due to bullying and now it looks like it is starting at the new school but not if I have anything to do with it. They have anti bullying policies but they do not work it seems the victim suffers more for the bullying than the person bullying.

  2. schools may well have anti bullying policys but they dont stop the bullys from bullying and when it happens anyway and you try and make a formal complaint the school brush it under the carpet and the lea either do not phone you back or send a letter saying its up to the school to deal with it!
    most bullied children end up moving schools or misseing time and then its their education that suffers and not the bullys, this seems to be easier for schools to deal with. this happend with my son whos now at a non mainstream school.

  3. my son has been a victim of bullying at school he,s been injured several times by the bullies my sons school has an anti bullying policy which obviously isnt working in stopping children bullying other pupils .
    i really think that the issue of bullying needs to be discussed in parliament and a very serious policy needs to be bought into place that all schools will have to adhere to in ensuring the safety of all pupils from bullying
    id urge mr corns to campaign to ensure bullying stops in all schools


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