The economic situation, as I’m sure many of you are aware, is not so rosy at the moment. In South Birmingham, many people would tell you that this is nothing new, as, since car manufacturing almost completely disappeared from Longbridge, skilled employment opportunities in the area have been significantly reduced.

Friends of the Earth feel that the current situation should represent an opportunity to re-shape the economy and far from agreeing with the chancellor’s views that environmental concerns are unaffordable when we need to create a prosperous economy, we would say the opposite is true. I wrote a piece for the Birmingham Post this week explaining more detail on this.

If you would like to hear more about some really bright ideas for different ways to approach creating an economy that works better to create jobs, protect the environment and make for happier communities, please register for a free place on the Birmingham Friends of the Earth website. The event is called City of the Future and it is taking place on March 20th from 6.30pm at the Council House in Victoria Square.

The speakers (full line up can be seen here) will all propose 3 ideas to go into a manifesto for a creating a better economy for Birmingham in the future. There will also be representatives of local organisations cross examining them from the perspective of young people, debt charities, business and faith organisations.

It should be a really interesting evening to bring a subject that can sometimes be a bit dry and dull to life and show how it relates to people’s lives here.


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