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Local garages have seen an increased demand for fuel over the last two days as people worry about the potential for a fuel tanker driver strike.

There were large queues at Morrisons yesterday, along with other suppliers in the area.

West Midlands Fire Service have issued a statement about storing extra fuel safely.

Steve Vincent, West Midlands Fire Service’s (WMFS) Head of Community Fire Safety said:

“At this stage, there is no confirmation that the strike will go ahead and whilst we understand that people may be concerned and want to ensure they have sufficient stocks of fuel, we would suggest nothing further than filling their petrol tanks as a precautionary measure at this time.

“Petrol vapours can ignite at minus 45 degrees – so even in the coldest of conditions seen in this country petrol will ignite. For that reason, WMFS advises against storing petrol in jerry cans within the home – this includes in garages attached to a property or business

“If the strike does go ahead and people do choose to store small quantities of petrol – they must ensure that it is stored within purpose made containers, in the right location and in a safe environment (away from the home and sources of ignition) – an example could be a secure shed at the bottom of the garden.

“The maximum any individual can store is a total of 20 litres of petrol, which must be split between two purpose built metal containers (which hold a maximum of 10 litres each) – these are available from car accessory stores.

“Taking practical measures to reduce fuel dependency is the most sensible solution, such as limiting non essential journeys, using public transport or even car sharing – and we strongly advise the public to consider simple steps such as these instead of storing petrol”.

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