The possible results of car washing

This is not (unfortunately) a post about sporting opportunities or a great new leisure facility, more’s the pity, but about the careless behaviour of people running carwashing operations.

Walking along the Redditch road is not a pleasant experience at the best of times, but when you come across a skating rink with no way to avoid it, it’s downright dangerous! This is what is happening due to the inconsiderate actions of businesses based at West Heath Motors and the other ex-garage down near the roundabout in Kings Norton.

Their businesses are based on using water, but usually the runoff is not a problem as it goes into drains further down the road. Now, however, this water is freezing before it reaches the drain and creating a real hazard. They don’t want to deal with this themselves (we have tried speaking to the manager and asking him to do something) and just pass it on to the council, but surely this is a problem of their making and they should deal with it.

Surely, this would not bankrupt them and damage their operations that much, as it only applies for a few weeks a year. Any ideas on the legal situation and how to enforce them taking responsibility for the actions of their business would be appreciated.


  1. This kinda thing id not only dangerous to motorists, but for young and old. With pacthes of ice like that it makes it near impossible for people with mobility issues to use main public highways such as this, its careless and inconsiderate I hope some one who has a minor accident sues them for there thorghtless actions, Yes we all need money, but surely they could just do interior cleaning in this weather

  2. Theres really no need for these companys to endanger the public the way they are, We have a water free bottle spray for cleaning our car in the winter all u need is a few microfiblre clothes its a little pricey and takes longer than conventional washing but surely they can afford to spend the extra time and money on a spray cleaner instead of risking thousands on compensation claims when some poor soul gets hurt because of them product is called greased lightening for anyone interested £35 for 3 bottles but there are cheaper versions on the market


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