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More local residents are experiencing new problems with their refuse collections.

An anonymous resident of Nuthurst Road, off Groveley Lane in Longbridge, contacted B31 Voices a few days ago concerned about the changes in collection dates recently implemented by Birmingham City Council.

She wrote:

“I live in B31 and the council have changed all our refuse collection dates. Around my area our refuse and recycling is collected on a Monday. They’ve now moved it to a Friday. Their leaflet wasn’t clear, and said that “your collections will remain unchanged until 6 February and will then be as follows…. (Friday 10th)

It wasn’t clear if a normal collection would be done on Monday 6th or not. Even I was confused and most people put their bags out as normal for a Monday collection. There wasn’t.. The pavements and grass verges are covered in refuse bin bags and recycling boxes. Obviously residents are too dim to take their bags back in again but even if the bin men do turn up on Friday (doubtful if snow is forecast) recycling still won’t be collected until 17 February. There’s rubbish everywhere already, it’s an absolute disgrace. The area is an eyesore.

We have loads of problems here with missed collections, bin men dropping rubbish and then not picking it up, bin men blocking the roads with piles of bin bags they’ve collected. Most of us have had about enough of the rotten service we get…”
Longbridge councillor Ian Cruise also contacted us yesterday about this same problem.

Cllr Cruise said: “I have been in touch with fleet and waste management about the change of days of refuse collection. Many residents in the ward have not had the info leaflet through the door.”

The Nuthurst Road resident has contacted us again today saying that a collection has been made today, but not the bags were taken and some of the closes off Nuthurst Road were missed altogether.

If you are having any problems with refuse collection since the change of collection days, let us know below.

You can also address your concerns to Councillor Cruise by emailing him on


  1. I concur with Nuthurst rd resident in part; my road is the same. I did however read the leaflet as starting from this week with Friday collections but my neighbours left all their bags AND recycling which isnt due to be collected (if we are lucky) next Friday. I often just take my recycling to the tip as it is often left. The service is appalling really .

  2. i wonder why so many people did not read the card properly as where i live Coombes Lane / Kingswood Road there are lots of recycling boxes out when the card said that collection is 17th!!same with the black bags people still put them out Sunday for Monday collection which clearly didn’t happen! and these people never take their rubbish or boxes back in. Why have the collection days changed anyway??

  3. According to the leaflet ours (Nimmings Close off Nuthurst Rd) was supposed to be collected today but they haven’t bothered to do it again.

  4. Interesting to see I’m not the only person in the ward that thinks the refuse ‘collection’ service around here is appalling. I’ve submitted a number of complaints and they all came to naught – good evidence of the contempt this council and their staff hold for their council tax payers.

    I also think the residents need a little education about putting their refuse sacks out early – some by as early as six days. There’s a number of habitual offenders in Coombes Lane, Nuthurst Road, Groveley Lane and Wootton Road. It’s a shame the council, who are always moaning about having no money, don’t hit them with the £1000 fine they keep boasting about on their website. Two problems solved immediately.

  5. I am fuming about the laxy daisy attitude of the council and their couldn’t careless attitude about our bin collections!!!! This is the 2nd week running now that I have had problems with the refuse collection. It seems the change of days for other ward areas has impacted on my area. Can we get a council tax refund for the cock up just like British Gas do when their engineers don’t turn up, I bet if this was implemented we would have a better service. When is something going to be done!!! :( :( :(

  6. Im a binman myself and am currently taking a lot of flak off the public relating to these changes which we had no influence on. The refuse collection service has become ward based resulting in routes being completely revamped and many peoples day of collection being changed, unfortunately in my opinion once again the council have failed miserably in their attempts to avail the public of this information. As stated above those that received a leaflet were probably confused by the statement that the changes would come in from Feb 6th but not confirming that the collection that day would not take place. Regards mess and quality of service i do not service this particular area but on my route much of the mess is already there on arrival due to inadequate, overfilled bags often placed out many days in advance.

  7. @Binman do you not feel the flak is justified when not all your colleagues are doing the job they are paid for, whether it be refuse or recycling ?
    What happend to the days of cleaning up any mess you made, is it that it is too much effort or is it ‘we will get our own back on the council for changing things’ and disrupt the service ?!? if waste collection was privatised would that create a better service ? I don’t know but they may appreciate the job more.

    • No i dont think the flak is always justified, if the service is poor management need to step in and address the problem. Though i cant speak for everyone i always make every attempt to clear up any mess but stick by my original statement that much of the mess is already in place by the time we arrive and much of it is caused by the inadequate recycling containers which are often overfilled or blown everywhere in bad weather. I wont either be participating in your as you put it getting my own back on the council, the change of collection day has little effect on me just wished my employer would make the public more aware of the changes

    • I am happy to accept flak for not completing my job to a satisfactory standard but to have people blaming us for changing day of collection is ridiculous, we have no influence over this and as an employee im embarrased by my employers woeful attempts to inform the public of these changes. I personally make every attempt to clear any mess i make but acknowledge many dont, this in my view should be addressed by management. I stand by my original statement that much of the mess is on site by the time we arrive with the main culprits riduculously overfilled bags and recycling containers.

  8. I agree with Binman that residents in the Ward don’t help the situation by putting their bags out days, sometimes a week (!), before collection dates. I’ve already mentioned the offending roads, namely Coombes Lane, Nuthurst Road, Groveley Lane, and Wootton Road. One resident in Wooton used to put their bags out on a Thursday for a Monday collection. They now put their bags out on Monday for a Friday collection, and other residents are following suit. I’ve contacted the council on many, many occasions to report this and they’ve done guess what? Absolutely nothing.

    The issue is not helped by bin men dropping rubbish all over the pavement and road and then leaving it. I’ve seen them pick up a bag by the bottom, drop the entire contents all over the pavement, stare at it and then walk off and leave it. I’ve even watched them doing it outside my own house on many occasions, and have you ever tried to challenge their behaviour? Try it and see what you get. I’ve also witnessed them, in inclement weather (ie 2mm of snow), pick and choose which bags they can be bothered to collect. So one pile will be picked up, the next pile won’t – for no apparent reason than I can see other than to get generous overtime payments.

    They really are pathetic. I wish I could treat my job and my customers with the level of contempt they do, and get away with it constantly.

  9. I agree with all of the above comments. Council taxpayers are paying an awful lot of money for a service that is half heartedly provided. Firstly, I have personally found the bin men to be rude and arrogant, not least of all the refuse truck drivers, who think they own the roads when collecting the rubbish. Their attitude seems to be ‘this is my working space- keep out of it’. A total disregard to other road users. Secondly they are untidy workers, leaving a mess behind them, bottles,paper even broken glass on the footpaths and roads. What would happen if the ordinary man in the street went around dropping litter in the way these guys do? You would be prosecuted! Now that recycling has been brought in, their workload has been made easier, with each householder separating their refuse for recycling. I remember the time that they would take the binbag out of your bin, now you have to do that for them and place them at the roadside.
    I do not have any sympathy for refuse collectors and I do not think we as tax payers are getting value for money. On the other hand householders need to take more responsability on how they deal with their rubbish if their collection is missed. Leaving refuse in the street in the hope that it will be collected the next day is quite clearly not an option. Please take your refuse back in until the next scheduled collection. It’s that simple!

    • Sounds quite a stereotypical view to me i drive a wagon myself and take no pleasure in holding other road users up and make every effort to get out the way but not always possible. There is no obligation to take your bag from your bin if you cant or dont want to remove it make the collectors aware of this and they will fetch it for you, regards recycling making our job so much easier the recycling has made about a 10 % difference in our weights so hardly a massive difference. You complain of us leaving broken glass but last time i checked this wasnt supposed to be in the bags only last week i required five stitches after some kindly soul left a broken wine glass in the bag, dont tar us all with same brush theres good and bad in any job

  10. On our area, B31, a team comes round the same day as the bin men and clear up after them. Very nice but wouldnt it be more cost effective if they had to clear it themselves? Maybe they wouldn’t make as much mess. Privatisation is the way to go. At least someone would listen and act when you complain. Hopefully!

    • Privatisation isnt always the answer the housing repairs service and the abysmal performance by the contractors charged with replacing and maintaining peoples heating systems recently is two examples of this

    • I would of thought it was down to management to instruct new employees how to do the job properly, the only people employed now are agency staff on week to week contracts being paid £6.08 an hour, they are treated like crap and do the job accordingly.

  11. Clearly management are failing in their role then. This tit for tat arguing could go on all day and im not prepared to let that happen. I am merely backing up what a lot of people in the city are thinking and saying binman, in that we as taxpayers are not getting the quality of service that we are paying for. I dont agree with privatisation as this would introduce a new problem. That being one of those who can afford to have their rubbish collected and those who couldn’t (or wouldn’t pay) to have their rubbish collected. This would lead to fly tipping, rubbish in the streets ect. It would make things unnecessarily complicated. I agree with the comments made earlier by Resident Moaner about householders putting rubbish out in the street days before their collection day. Didnt the council introduce a fine for this?? How is this followed up by the council?? I have not seen or heard of any fines been given for such behaviour yet.

  12. Accept your comments and not trying to engage in any tit for tat just trying to give a different perspective of things, i accept in some areas the service provided is not up to scratch but still lay much of the blame on weak management who allow this practice to continue. I personally take pride in my work and believe i provide a good service but also accept many others dont have the same mentality. As explained above there is now a very large turnover of agency staff on low wages who have no real incentive to provide the service the public demand, regards issuing of fines i have reported fly tipping etc on many occasions but to no effect so in the end you give up bothering.

  13. Regarding people leaving their rubbish out following a missed collection – there is again a conflict in advice given by BCC. Often people are adised to leave their rubbish our following a missed collection so that collectors can pick it up as they catch up. If you don’t it might get left, if you do you risk it making a mess. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

    Obviously adverse weather can’t be avoided, but it would be helpful if collections in general were made when they’re supposed to be!

    Binman, it’s really great to have your comments, thanks for giving us your views!

  14. From Cllr Ian Cruise re rubbish collection problems via Twitter: “any Longbridge Ward resident who has not had refuse collected today call Fleet and Waste on 0121 3031924 leave complaint message. I’ve called Fleet & Waste and left a message complaining about uncollected refuse. I will follow up with an email to senior boss”

  15. Wouldnt bother wasting your time with Birmingham Mail their not interested in facts only sensationalist headlines, they will no doubt interview a string of councillors who will apportion blame onto the employees and accuse us of deliberately scuppering their new system in an effort to deflect criticism from their own inadequacies. Despite the promises of reductions in costs and a better quality service the reality is a far higher fuel bill, more manpower required to clear revised rounds and an increase in the use of agency workers which leads to a poorer service delivered.

  16. The collection service in B45 has always been appalling, number of times bags and recyclables have been left is unbelievable.

    The whole system is useless, with bin men just driving past and leaving a whole lot of stuff not collected, they’ll do half a grove and leave the rest.

  17. Rubbish colletion in the Longbridge ward has been appalling and changing the dates of collection has confused everyone.
    As a councillor in the Longbridge ward i have recieved more calls on rubbish collection than any other matter and it needs to be sorted out.
    Why they never consult with the public over this matter is beyoned me.
    The most missed rubbish is from groves closes avenues ect…
    If you would like to put over your views on your rubbish collection then come to the Longbridge ward committee meeting at the address below and put your concerns to the operations manager of fleet and waste who will be there to listern to your views.

    Longbridge ward committee
    Tuesday 13th March 2012
    At 19.00 hours at
    Colmers community leisure
    centre Bristol road south
    Frankley Birmingham.
    Councillor Andy Cartwright.

  18. B31 frankly haven’t had bins emptied for 3 weeks now it’s a joke rubbish everywhere what are we suppose to do hey


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