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Councillor Andy Cartwright took a walk around Longbridge yesterday to discover that some residents still have a backlog of recyclables that have not been collected.

Cllr Cartwright is going to submit a written question about this to council.

Have you had any problems with your refuse collection through the Christmas period and beyond?

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  1. Collection was very sketchy over Christmas and no information was provided on collections. However my biggest issue is the rubbish they leave behind even today’s collection they missed a bag in my street and it was with other rubbish so would of been seen.

  2. Christmas was a farce. They didn’t tell anyone about the additional collection on Boxing Day so residents with Monday collections didn’t put their refuse out. The website said if collections were delayed due to the ‘30% increase expected’ to leave refuse out for collection later in the week. It wasn’t collected.

    Then an announcement went out that recyling would be collected on Saturday 31st. Everyone put their boxes and their refuse out on Friday night. It wasn’t collected.

    By Monday 2 January my area looked like an open landfill site, not helped by the refuse ‘collectors’ (and I use the term loosely) spilling refuse all over the place and then clearing off. Recycling wasn’t collected until later in the week.

    The refuse service in this city is an absolute disgrace and I have to submit a formal complaint at least every six months and involve my councillors at least once a year. The roads, pavements, grass verges and even gardens are covered in bottles, paper, food scraps and tin cans due to the inability of our council to provide a decent service, yet 1/2 mile down the road, in Bromsgrove DC area, there isn’t a scrap of litter anywhere to be seen.

    The situation isn’t helped by residents putting their bags out half a week before they’re due to be collected, something else the council is apparently unable to deal with.

    • Rubbish left out for longer than overnight leads to all kinds of mess, yet the council were advising people to just leave the rubbish out and it would be collected as soon as possible, which wasn’t all that soon for a lot of people!

      Our paper recycling wasn’t collected for 4 weeks despite our collection day being on a normal week day. I did take ours to recycling banks, but not everyone is able to do that.

      Let your councillors know what you think since refuse collection is under consultation at the moment

  3. I got that many phone calls about rubish not being collected i went on a walk around some of the Longbridge ward.
    Most of residents i spoke to said that the general household rubish was collected on time on the right days but the recycling such as paper and glasse ect… was not collected.
    I did call the refuse collection department and put over my concerns and was told they would be collected within 24 hours.
    Most of the residents i got in touch with said it was collected.
    please let me know if you are not getting your rubish or recyling collected on time.

    councillor Andy Cartwright
    Working for all in Longbridge.


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