Longbridge Station by Cllr Andy Cartwright

Longbridge Labour councillor Andy Cartwright has expressed anger at the state of Longbridge train station.

He sent us these pictures snapped on his mobile phone of boarding to the frontage of the station which has been boarded up and left for around two weeks, as well as a heap of rubbish to the side of the station.

Cllr Cartwright is concerned that cuts to the working hours of the station master in Longbridge will lead to further problems. He fears that the station master’s post will eventually be cut all together and has previously expressed how he feels that having a station master helps keep the station and passengers safe.

Cllr Cartwright said:¬†“I am sending a complaint to [Cllr] Timothy Huxtable about this issue … he is the Cabinet Member for Transport and West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority lead member.”

“This is why this station needs to have a station master. The people of Longbridge and Northfield deserve better than this.” he added.

In his letter to Cllr Huxtable, Cllr Cartwright writes: “I have received many complaints from residents from Longbridge and Northfield about the poor conditions at Longbridge train station, the glass doors at the front have been smashed and look terrible. Please can you let the residents know what you intend to do as this is unacceptable. We all know that the station is due to be revamped but this issue needs attention now. Also residents are saying that the station master’s position could be taken away. I do hope this is not the case as this station is used by many students and when the regeneration of Longbridge is complete hopefully more people will use these facilities. I look forward to hearing from you”


Reply from Cllr Huxtable 18/1/12:

Dear Cllr Cartwright

Thank you very much for your emails regarding Longbridge Railway Station.

On a scheduled site visit to Longbridge on Monday (by train), I noticed the
damage to the front of Longbridge Railway Station personally. I have asked
Centro and London Midland (LM) for an update regarding

1. the short term repair, and
2. the refurbishment/revamping

of Longbridge Railway station.

As mentioned in my Lead Member ITA report, Centro has formally objected to
the LM proposed ticket offices opening hours at railway stations in the
centro area, including Longbridge. I have also asked, once the regeneration
of Longbridge is complete, whether regional services can stop at Longbridge
(just as some regional services, like the Cardiff train, currently stop at
University) but at the moment the critical mass and the disruptive effect
to the timtable would not permit this enhancement.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding this matter.

Kind Regards

Timothy Huxtable

Do you use Longbridge station? Do you feel that safety is an issue? Leave your comments below.

Rubbish at the side of Longbridge Station by Cllr Andy Cartwright


  1. It’s about time somebody said this – the station is appalling. The broken glass, the rubbish strewn platforms and the stench in the walkway above the track discourage me from using this station, which is a real shame. Something does need to be done about it. This has been a problem for a considerable amount of time. It’s good to see that large amounts of money is being put into the redevelopment of Longbridge, however I think the station should have been priority number one.

  2. I don’t use Longbridge Station because it has no parking – let alone disabled parking – and the transport links were appalling. The 49. Say no more.

    Centro are a waste of space. This new lot don’t seem to be any better. The argument about a station car park has been going on since 2006 and still nothing has been achieved. It’s a disgrace.

    I use Northfield station which had disabled parking bays(until Centro’s contractors decided to block half of the bays and park in the rest). Now, at the same time they’re installing lifts to make it more accessible to – hold your breath – disabled people and mothers, Centro are surveying users on reducing disabled spaces and charging for all parking! Can you spell ‘contradiction’?


  3. Not sure how the station has been overlooked for so long. With the recent developments in the area, Its like building a mansion then not bothering to fit any gates. It is a mess at the moment and first impressions count for a lot.

  4. This train station has been neglected for years and needs putting right.There are loads of issue ie… PARKING its a joke,Rubish everwhere, toilets out of order broken glass doors wet floors the list goes on and on.

    When i next attend the regeneration meetings i will be putting over all the views of the local residents.

    Thank you all for your views keep them coming.

    councillor Andy Cartwright
    working for all in Lonbridge.

    • Dear Cllr Cartwright,
      As a local company that has been successfully serving the community for more than 22 years Birmingham Glass Services would be pleased to offer any advice or assistance should you require in the re-furbishment of Longbridge station, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  5. Great to see Cllr Cartwright raising this issue. It saddens me that while some parts of Longbridge are being developed, others are to all intent and purpose being neglected. I genuinely feel sorry for the disabled and parents of young children who are bearing the brunt of this neglect. The message is simple, the people of Longbridge and Northfield deserve better. Keep up the good work Cllr Cartwright!

  6. My friend and I used the station last Friday when going on a shopping trip to the city. As a local I feel it really lets the area down and what kind of impression it gives to visitors!

    It definitely needs to be brought up to the standard of the new Longbridge development.

    Also needs better staffing as there are so many occasions when there is no one to serve you and the machine sells such a limited range of tickets.

    I would love a planet friendly cycle shelter too!

  7. Just a quick update on the train station London midland got in touch with me and have now fixed the glass doors.

    The roof sadly will take them a long time to put right as the copper that was stolen from the roof needs to be replaced but they tell me they are now looking at other options that dont cost so much and that wont be stolen.

    The toilets that are out of order are under the leaking roof so they will remain out of order.

    The lift was cleaned due to dog fouling and London midland have told me they will clean up around the area when it is revamped.

    I have put over that the train station is used by residents and students who need a service that is better and one which is at the highest level of standards.

    This train station is the first gateway to Birmingham from our friends in Worcestershire what they must think when they see this mess.

    Lets all hope it gets put right and they sort out these and other issues such as parking ect…..

    Thanks to everyone who supported me on this issue a big thank you should go to local glass company Birmingham glass services who offered to fix the glass doors for free as they could not get over the mess the station was in.

    Councillor Andy Cartwright
    Working for the people of LONGBRIDGE.

  8. Have your say about Longbridge train station and the parking issue around the station.
    At the longbridge ward committee on the 13th March 2012 at colmers community leisure centre Bristol road south Frankley Birmingham.
    Please come and put over your concerns as there will be someone from Midland and someone from Centro to give an update.

    Councillor Andy Cartwright
    Working hard for Longbridge.


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