No Flags for Rover
No Flags for Rover by Pete Ashton on Flickr - click for original

As proceedings begin to take Phoenix Venture Holdings to the High Court in relation to Rover trust fund payouts, Rover Community Action Trust chair Gemma Cartwright MBE has told the Birmingham Post how many made redundant in the Rover closure now face a second round of redundancies.

Gemma tells the Post how many of the workers who lost their jobs are now facing fears of job losses as public sector cuts begin to hit and highlights how social problems are affecting the local area.

Read the full Birmingham Post article to see what Gemma has to say.

Councillor Andy Cartwright told B31 Voices: “It’s a disgrace how long the Phoenix bunch have been able to play with the financial and mental health of the ex work force. It is time to put into action the promise that they made nearly 7 years ago. It is time for the Courts to see the human faces behind the promises and lies. The work force were an amazing group who put British manufacturing on the map.

“As you all know, I have been campaiging for the past 6 years and will not give up and I will be working hard along side with the Unions and Richard Burden MP towards building a case for the High Court.”


  1. Good post Sas,

    Maybe a Birmingham Petition supporting Carl Chinn’s idea for a Museum/Public Art on the former Longbridge site can be part of the process of putting further pressure on the Phoenix group to cough up their ill-gotten gains.

    The e-petition directed at Bromsgrove District Council that went live two weeks ago has already rallied the support of 120 plus ex Longbridge workers without any media puplicity. I anyone wants to check out the petition click on this link:

  2. Longbridge has 100 years of British Manufacturing; the site was the heart and sole of the community.

    With all the redevelopment and new beginnings starting Longbridge is an ideal place to bring your business to.


    The history will always run through my families veins and be close to our heart, many others who lived by and worked at the Longbridge site.

    When Rover Closed alot of funding was given and administered through Birmingham City Council via the then Labour Government.

    With this CSB commissioned the DTA ( Community Development Agency) to look at a community development trust being set up. This was a great success but sadly the then administration 2006 didn’t feel it had enough back bone. I know from other successful CDT like THE GOODWIN PROJECT in Hull it would have been amazing and third sector groups would not be closing or fighting for funding.

    A museum is needed to keep the history but the best thing that could be done for the past and future is to have a Longbridge Community Development Trust which can have an arm of a small museum. This will then enable the local community to become a self sustainable area.

    It will support local people and local jobs. I do support the need of a museum but need to emphasise that it will not be financially viable the only way forward is to take this idea of CDT.

    Gaydon Heritage Centre has done an amazing job rescuing items from skips, storing a lot of items. It would be great to have the items on a 6 month rolling display within the CDT.

    BCC should start an amazing historic route, from Longbridge travel up the A38 to Cadbury, Selly Manor the list is endless then ending up in Town.

    Perhaps the wording of the petition could support the CDT as it will hold the Heritage forever and support the future.

    A meeting is being put together to see how we can move forward I will post it on here for all to be involved.


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