Alive and kicking! | Neil Buchanan with Sorry Mum, the Shops were Shut

The “Art Attack Man”, ex-children’s tv presenter Neil Buchanan, will be in Rubery this coming Saturday to promote an exhibition of his very grown up art works.

The Liverpool born former Art Attack front man is exhibiting his debut fine art collection HOPE STREET, which includes 12 signed limited edition prints, at galleries around the country. This includes at Jamie Leigh Fine Art, which has recently relocated to a new gallery just across the road from their old home in New Road, Rubery.

Buchanan won two BAFTA awards for his work on the children’s programme Art Attack and was inspired to work on the Hope Street paintings by widespread rumours of his death on the internet back in 2008. Following these dark rumours, he began reflecting and recording the brighter days of his childhood growing up in “the great outdoor adventure playground” in Liverpool in the 1960s, when children were free to play outside, and HOPE STREET was born.

The artist’s visit to the Rubery gallery should put to rest rumours of his untimely death, which still persist in some dark corners of the internet! At the gallery reception, Buchanan will talk about the inspiration behind the paintings.

Neil Buchanan said: “There have been lots of reasons to feel hopeless during 2011 with the economy, so I want to bring a bit of hope to people’s walls and homes in 2012. HOPE STREET is the story of childhood and I hope to take the viewer on a special journey. This voyage doesn’t involve a long car ride or train trip, because my HOPE STREET is not a place, it’s a state of mind… and it’s a nice place to be. To walk down Hope Street all you need is the gift that only children truly possess in abundant measure – imagination!”

HOPE STREET is proof (if it were needed) that Buchanan’s talents stretch far beyond the boundaries of drawing cartoons, papier maché model making and his awesome ‘Big Art’ creations on Art Attack. He said: “I had six million young art critics every week on Art Attack and it was their opinions I cared about most. Normal people don’t have art hanging on their walls, they have pictures! The greatest honour will be if people like my HOPE STREET paintings enough to hang them on their walls. That will be the biggest approval rating for me!”

In these hard economic times, Neil will seek to bring a little reason to hope to visitors during his gallery visit. Customers who purchase a limited edition print from the HOPE STREET collection, will be given a ‘A Little HOPE’ canvas for FREE (normal RRP £75). Meanwhile, customers who want to buy ‘A Little HOPE’ during the afternoon will save £25 as they will be able to buy the mini canvas for just £50 and this will be accompanied by a free souvenir brochure, signed by Neil Buchanan, and normally priced at £10.

Neil Buchanan’s HOPE STREET limited edition art will be in Jamie Leigh Fine Art, 122 New Road, Rubery, West Midlands B45 9JR throughout the Spring. 

Neil will be at the gallery to talk to customers about his work between 2 – 4pm on Saturday 4th February, 2012.



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