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With winter finally starting to show its face, here are a few links you might find useful.

Updated 8/2/12 – You can follow our Live Snow Watch updates here or on twitter. Add the #B31SnowWatch hashtag to your tweets to pass on info to others! Thanks.

Birmingham City Council’s Weather Disruption page is full of useful links and information including useful links to weather and travel information services and a full list of schools and their operating status. School closures will also be announced on BRMB and/or BBC WM radio. Do make sure you check with your school what their policy is re. informing about school closures in adverse weather. You may find they will place an announcement on their school website, in the first instance, or send out group text messages if they use this kind of service. If your school does use a text or email messaging based service, make sure the details that they hold for you are up to date. A full list of Birmingham schools and their status can be found here

Added 8/2/12 – Winter driving tips from BCC

BRMB radio web site also has a ‘bad weather’ feature, with links to a list of school closures and driving and general cold weather advice.

BCC Newsroom has also produced a handy guide with winter weather travel tips.

Local contributors to Open Street Map have mapped out gritting routes and priorities throughout Birmingham on a user generated map.

Open Source Gritting Map

This year, Birmingham City Council have teamed up with eight other West Midlands local authorities and are using the twitter hashtag  #wmgrit to post gritting updates throughout the region. You can follow the “Twitter Gritter” updates on twitter or view them in the widget below:

West Midlands Police Birmingham South Local Policing Unit have issued advice to car owners not to leave their cars running unattended to de-ice on cold mornings following a spate of opportunistic thefts.

So, take care this winter and don’t forget to keep an eye out for elderly and/or vulnerable neighbours!

If you know of any other useful local sources of help, advice & information relevant for the winter months, please leave a comment below.


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