Lakeside path at Great Park, by Sas Taylor on Flickr

I heard some very strange noises around the Great Park / Frankley area when I was up very late a few nights ago and others have reported to us that they have too.

It seems to be in the early hours of the morning, between around 1.30-3.30am, and has been happening for a couple of weeks now.

Dawn Cotterill said on Facebook: “Has anyone got any idea what the “noise” is around Frankley that keeps waking me up at 2.30 every morning. 2 weeks ago I thought it was a helicopter in the distance, it sounds like some kind of machinery and is now officially driving me mad.”

I’m glad it’s not just me!

It seems to come from Great Park, perhaps around the area of the balancing lake or the old Rover road.

Could it be the cybermen and daleks hiding in caves under the lake?!

Has Penny Moore of the Friends of Balaam’s Wood been winching abandoned Morrison’s shopping trolleys out of the lake in the middle of the night?!

Or perhaps (more sensibly!) it’s something to do with the works being carried out on the Rover road? But surely not at that hour?!

Or maybe it’s even Transformer style robots, escaped from the MG factory, like in this Chemical Brothers video! (Look out for the factory and Cofton Park!)

We’ve contacted local councillors and police and will let you know if we get any answers!

If you’ve heard anything or have any explanation, let us know in the comments below.


Cllr Ken Wood, Longbridge: “I would go with the Daleks.”

Cllr Andy Cartwright, Longbridge said: “… it might be the ghost of the rover tunnels” but added if we find out what it was and it’s appropriate, he will contact noise control.

Facebook comments:

Fay Lloyd “i have heard it to but also a bit earlier around 11pm very strange i put it down to work possibly from the factories on hollymoor way???”

Trudy Cutts “yes ive heard it to sounding like a ship sinking , i went to pick my son up from school and arrived early had just sat down to wait for him to leave school and heard this most bizzare sound loud and very scary i have a theory here you know there are underground tunnels under longbridge and nearby the school i wonder if something is going on in the tunnels ? maybe some underground work ? the other theory is that there is a factory on hollymoor called draxelmier i wonder if the sounds are coming from there , thing is you,d hear it frequently .. the only other theory is the new development on great park maybe ? all i can describe it as sounding like a very big ship sinking its very very eery but have no idea where its coming from”

Jenni-Emily Smith “There has been large machinery around the lake for a couple of weeks now such as diggers and the like as they are reinforcing the sides of lake and making bank and pathways safer. It has been causing a lot of noise but I can’t imagine they would be working on it that late…”

Penny Moore “Interesting! Environment Agency are doing work to combat erosion. There are lights on in their little compound at night perhaps the security guard is a heavy snorer ;-)”


  1. We live in Northfield and sometimes can hear a very high pitched whining noise. It does drive a person mad and to be honest I have to close my window so that I cannot hear it. I cannot make out where it is coming from but it really cannot be good for ones health I am worried about getting tinitus as there is sometimes no respite from it!

  2. I believe the noise is from the roadworks on the M5 motorway from junction 4 onwards and past Frankley services. I live in Rubery and can hear the noise from the roadworks especially as this part of the motorway is closed overnight. They are using massive hammer digger type machinery to breakup the concrete on the central reservation

  3. With the regeneration of egghill estate perhaps they have disturbed the ghosts that plagued the masonette flats in 1954.they moved furniture and made loud banging noises. Also could it be the Rubery ghost train that crashes thro the frogmill level crossing gates in rubery lane also maybe somebody has disturbed the Italian soldier graveyard between hollymoor way and park way

  4. id say its the factory on hollymoor way, i live opposite and the big trucks are backwards and forwards throughout the night, they are quite noisey-like a rumbling sound… the potholes dont help. :)

  5. rumour has it the place is riddled with perhaps long forgotten subterranean passages and tunnels ???!!! Having trained at Hollymoor many moons ago know that under that hospital was nearly as large as on top … probably same for RuberyHill and certainly the case for Longbridge works!!!

  6. Recently found this page and saw this. I heard these noises too and I live the Longbridge side of coften park. Again, early hrs of the morning and very eery sound. Did you find out what it was?


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