Two local photographers have had their work shown in a London exhibition of mobile phone photography.

Lindsey Thompson (35) from West Heath and Sas Taylor (41) (yes, that’s me!) from Northfield both had images on show in the exhibition.

Pixel This, which ran from November 29th to December 3rd, showcased 104 stunning images from phoneographers around the world, chosen from over 3000 submissions and was organised by CreateHive.

There were also phoneography images from celebrities Peter Capaldi, Stephen Fry, Ruby Wax and Alexander Siddig.

Prints were sold during the exhibition, including at an auction on Friday 2nd December, raising over £2000 for London-based children’s charity Kids Company.

Catwalk dreams - Lindsey Thompson

Mum of two Lindsey told us: “My interest in iPhone photography started around 2 years ago, after purchasing an iPhone 3G and experimenting with some new apps like ‘shake it photo’ and hipstamatic. Our DSLR was too cumbersome to carry around with young children and found myself using the iPhone more during trips out and a chance to try out the filters on the apps I had purchased. I have always been interested in photography and documenting our lives through images. The phone was so accessible and easy, I was capturing some wonderful moments I may have missed otherwise. This started something new for me. I joined EYE’EM and iphoneart shortly after, where I became more involved and inspired by the communities of like-minded people and it took off from there!

“I was really thrilled when Createhive announced I was a selected artist for this exhibition as I had been hoping to have work selected. I have had images exhibited before but the majority have been outside of the UK, so to be involved in an exhibit in London was fantastic. An added bonus, this was a charity event and money raised was to be donated to the kids company charity. As a mother myself, I was happy to be involved in such a great cause to raise money for other children in less fortunate circumstances.”

Lonely Shopper - Sas Taylor

For my part, I was really pleased to have my image included and to be able to support such a great cause! I only submitted one image, one of my favourites at the time, and I am really honoured that it was selected to be shown out of so many submissions. I’ve been interested in iPhoneography for a couple of years now and, just like Lindsey, started taking family photos on the Shake It Photo and Hipstagram apps.

There are lots of online communities where you can receive support and inspiration for mobile photography – although we live so close to each other, Lindsey and I have never met – we discovered each other in these online spaces! We also share an interest in a more specialised (and more geeky!) form of mobile photography – using homemade (and other) macro lenses!

Lindsey added: “In total I had eight images for sale in this auction, I was incredibly proud of myself and thankful to Dan at Createhive for the overwhelming support and making me feel like such a huge part of this amazing opportunity. ”

Well done to CreateHive for such a fantastic fundraising event.


The images by Lindsey and Sas which were included in the exhibition (click for larger):

You can find more of our photos here:

Lyndsey’s Flickr account

Sas’s Website


  1. Congratulations Lindsey & Sas, a wonderful show indeed. Thank you both for sharing the event with those of us outside the U.K. who were unable to attend, it was for a wonderful cause.

    Cheers, Max


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