UPDATE: 10th Jan 2012 – The campaign to save Chales House from closure has been a SUCCESS!

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The families and supporters of the campaign to save Charles House in West Heath from closure have been gathering signatures on a paper petition. If you would like to offer your support, you can sign their petition here and we will forward a printed list of all signatures when they are ready to submit the petition to Birmingham City Council.

Charles House provides vital respite care to disabled children with complex needs and is threatened with closure under the council’s budget review for 2012/13.

You can read all our articles on Charles House here

Providing a postal address, or at the very least a postcode, will be beneficial so that BCC can see that it is local residents who are signing. This WILL NOT be displayed here – only your name will be displayed.

On behalf of the Charles House campaign, thank you for your support!


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SIGN the PETITION to Save Charles House

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Save Charles House facebook group 

Read about the council’s 2012 budget consultation and how to have your say 

If you’re a parent of a child who use, or has used in the past, the facilities at Charles House, please get in touch and tell us your story. 


  1. I think Stephen Hughes holds a very blinkered and naive view in thinking foster/family homes can offer the same level of specialised care that respite centres such as Charles House can provide.
    Respite care is NOT the same as care provided for LAC children (Looked After Children); it provides specialised care, creative stimulation and peer social integration in a safe, purpose built environment such as Charles House (NOT an institution which was popular in Dickensian times). The needs of these children cannot be met in a foster/family home no matter how ‘stable’ that environment may be because it would be financially impossible to equip every foster home with the facilities that are vital in meeting their needs. The majority of these children already have a stable home environment and their parents would no doubt find your comments extremely insulting.
    Respite also give parents the opportunity to spend quality time with other family members, particularly siblings as they often feel that the special needs child in the family appears to often get more attention than they do through no fault of their parents as the special needs child often needs 24/7 care. This is another reason why dedicated caring parents may also need respite provided by Charles House and other similar organisations.
    May I just add that if you have ever stepped inside the home of a typical family with a special needs child, like I do daily in my work as an autism worker, you may see that most of the house walls and floors are bare; there are no shelves or cupboards where every day items may be stored just in case they may harm the child or they themselves may harm other family member with the objects, there may be security gates on every door to prevent the child from dashing into a household danger zones or outside.
    As you will probably agree that in many ways this does not sound like your typical family home and yet I have never met such dedicated caring parents who do an excellent job in providing a warm, happy and emotionally stable home for their much loved children. All these children need is regular peer social and creative stimulation in a suitably equipped environment outside the family home and in turn all these parents and siblings are asking for is a much needed break to help them recharge their batteries as a family and to be able to spend quality time together. Is this too much to ask for?


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