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Longbridge residents have reported no relief from the parking problems in the area and some now fear a rent increase will see them carrying the cost.

Since the new Bournville College opened, residents have noted a marked increase in cars parked in residential areas, despite the provision of a temporary car park by St Modwen.

One resident of the flats on Bristol Road South, between the Jobcentre and the Technology Park, told us that there have been a significant number of cars parked in the lay-by there, causing residents to struggle to park and to access their garages. A parking space is included in the rent for residents of the flats.

The resident, who did not wish to be named, took registration numbers of cars parked in the lay-by and contacted Bournville College. She spoke to Estates Manager David Collins who was very helpful. He checked the registrations against the staff database and confirmed that none of the vehicles noted belonged to them. He promised to write to all staff and students, stressing the importance of parking on the designated car park so they do not cause a nuisance to local residents.

As well as the nuisance of extra parked cars, residents of the flats could face a further headache. The resident who spoke to us said that her landlord was considering using a private clamping company and giving residents parking permits to combat the problem. Unfortunately, this would mean that rents may have to be increased. The resident told us today that, if her rent was indeed increased, she would be forced to move homes.

She said: “We never had a problem until the college opened.  The students are causing a real nuisance here because there are some garages near some of the blocks and access to these is impossible due to inconsiderate students parking everywhere.  This private bit of road is fairly narrow so having cars dumped part on the road and pavement is a hazard for everyone.

“To be honest, I don’t see why the students cannot pay £1 per day to park on a secure carpark that is open 24hrs a day and lit up like a christmas tree at night – they pay more in petrol and more for their booze at night!

“It seems madness for a college to be built without consideration for parking – the architect and the council need throttling.  […] One wonders what the councillors are doing – I don’t think they are using their brains and thinking logically.” she added.

In response, Northfield council candidate Brett O’Reilly, who has started a petition regarding the problem, said: “I feel very sorry for local residents and the thought that someone could lose their home over this is simply unacceptable.

“It is great to have a new college, but this should be to the benefit of our community and that requires investment in infrastructure and provision of adequate parking. […] we want immediate action, lets not wait until people are literally forced out of their homes.”

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  1. I am so shocked at all the rubbish that the students leave its all around the area it’s disgusting. The college should teach them to throw it in a bin.


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