Brand new £66m Bournville College
Brand new £66m Bournville College

Thoughts on the Longbridge development and business and employment prospects in these austere times from Richard Burden MP, Connexions worker, Bournville principal Norman Cave, students, ex-Longbridge worker and more. Worth a read.

Economic hardship blights Longbridge where car industry once boomed | UK news | The Guardian.



  1. I grew up about a mile from the factory. I remember hearing the horn go every afternoon, telling the workers it was time to knock off (though probably more appropriate to say telling them to punch out, as they’d probably knocked off a half hour before!). One grandfather worked with Herbert Morris, another with Alec Issigonis. I remember seeing the old war-time camouflage paint on the tops of the works buildings, from when they made aeroplanes, when going over the railway bridge on the 63 on the way to school in the ’70’s. I knew it as ‘The Austin’…Absolutely desperate to see it like this.


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