Northfield MP Richard Burden has urged constituency residents to make their views known on the proposed boundary changes currently under consultation.

The Northfield parliamentary constituency presently includes Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley wards.

Under the proposals, Weoley would no longer be part of the Northfield constituency, instead being replaced by Bournville which is currently part of the Selly Oak constituency.

In a post on his website, My Burden outlines just how disruptive the split would be. If Weoley Ward was removed from the Northfield constituency, this would effectively mean that Northfield high street would become a divide, splitting the town centre in two.

He writes: “Half of Northfield town centre is in Weoley ward. Places like the Northfield Town Centre Partnership shop, Northfield Town Football Club and Allens Cross are all in Weoley ward.”

This will cause problems in managing issues on the high street and in the surrounding community. Local politicians and business people have worked hard to improve the town centre and a Business Improvement District has recently been established. If Northfield is to remain a sustainable town centre, it is going to be vital to keep it, undivided, in the same parliamentary constituency.

The consultation is open until 5th December 2011 and you can submit your comments to the Boundary Commission here. 

Mr Burden urges residents to submit comments. He writes: “You don’t need to give a detailed or technical response. Just say why you think it’s important not to divide Northfield and why Weoley should stay part of the Northfield constituency.”


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