Our Halloween competition results are in and we are pleasde to announce the results!

Very well done to all who entered, there were some very creative, imaginative and spooky stories.




  • 1st: Maeghan Whattam aged 9 from Northfield – Professional singing lesson & children’s books
  • 2nd: Shelby Nelson aged 10 from Northfield – £10 WHSmith Voucher
  • 3rd: Charlie Whitehouse aged 12 from Rednal – Sledge
  • 4th: Lucy Davis aged 8 from Frankley – Sledge
  • 5th: Mia Whitehouse aged 11 from Rednal – Sledge
  • 6th: Amelia Harvey aged 8 from Kings Norton – Bostin Tshirt

Many, many thanks to Jayne Howarth and Dorothy Lepkowska-Hudson for judging the competition and to all who donated prizes (view the prize list and contributors).

First prize winner Maeghan Wattam, who goes to Colmers Farm Junior School, selected the singing lesson and books as her prizes. Here’s Maeghan with professional singing teacher Rebbecca Schwarz!

First prize winner Maeghan enjoying her singing lesson, courtesy of Rebecca Schwarz

Here’s the winning story from Maeghan set in the Balaam’s Wood Nature Reserve in Frankley. Prepare to be spooked…..! :D

The Ballams Wood Monster

by Maeghan Wattam aged 9 from Northfield

On a sunny Autumn day 4 good friends Maeghan, Ellie, Luke and George packed their bags and got thier 4 person tent and then set off ready for a night camping out in Ballams Wood.

The 4 friends walked through the wood until they found the perfect place to set up camp, a clearing next to the stream surrounded by tall trees with brown, orange and red crunchy leaves falling all around.

The two boys started to set up the tent while Maeghan and Ellie skipped of into the wood to collect pleanty sticks for the campfire.

As the stars came out the girls returned to the tent just as the boys had finished setting it up, the children carefully lit the fire. Wrapped in sleeping bags to stay warm, the children all huddled round the campfire and poured themselves a cup of hot chocolate each from the flask that Georges Mom had packed for them and started to toast marshmallows.

Luke said “why dont we all tell ghost storys?” so Maeghan said “have you all heard that there is a monster who lives in this wood? lots of people say they have heard the noise of the monster ‘Woo woooo’ but nobody has ever seen it!”

Some people say the moster is BIG and HAIRY and that it chases dog walkers out of the wood and eats rats for breakfast!, others say they have heard the monster russtling in the trees. Maeghan makes the ‘Woo wooooo, noise over and over in a spooky voice to frighten the others.

Ellie suddenly jumps up “Did you hear that?” It sounded like the moster in the story!”

The other children laughed “No really, listen” said Ellie. They all stopped and quietly waited for the noise.

‘Woot woooo, woot wooo’ “There it is!” said Ellie “Did you all hear that?”

George said “im scared!” and ran into the tent the others followed.

Luke bravely said “i will go out and see whats out there!” as he picked up the torch and stepped outside.

Woot wooo Luke shone his torch up into the trees where the noise came from.

Shining back at him he saw two bright orange round eyes!

“Come out quick guys the monster is out here!” The others rushed back out and all stood nervously together.

“What was it?” wispered Maeghan ” Where was it?” said Ellie, “Im scared said George”

‘Woot wooo’

“Up there in the top of the tree!” said Luke, the children all shine thier torches up to the top of the tree and what do thay see?…

A little brown owl sitting in the tree listening to the stories! The children start to giggle as the owl made the monstre noise one more time ,Woot wooo, before flying off into the starry night sky.


  1. Well done Maeghan

    Your story is sooooooooooooo scary! I’m going to look under every leaf, for the Woo woooo monster, before I go into the woodland alone again.


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