The Save Charles House campaign is gathering momentum.

Parents, campaigners and councillors will be meeting with head of Children’s Services at Birmingham City Council, Eleanor Brazil, early in November.

The campaigners have told us that, other than the few parents who already know each other, it’s difficult for them to contact other famiies who rely on the services of Charles House as management cannot share their details due to data protection.

If you’re a parent or relative of a Charles House user, past or present, or know anyone who is, you can contact Karl Phillips by email or visit the Save Charles House facebook group 



SIGN the PETITION to Save Charles House

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Save Charles House facebook group 

Read about the council’s 2012 budget consultation and how to have your say 

If you’re a parent of a child who use, or has used in the past, the facilities at Charles House, please get in touch and tell us your story. 



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