Staff & students of Bournville College, reluctant to pay parking charges, park in residential areas

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Residents close to the new Bournville College on Longbridge Lane are concerned about the increased number of parked cars in their streets.

A reader contacted us  to let us know about the problem.

On-street parking on and around Sunbury Road and Thurleston Road in Longbridge has increased since the college opened. The car park on Bristol Road South, provided by site developers St Modwen, charges £1 per day to users yet staff and students alike seem reluctant to pay and many have instead been parking on the streets surrounding the college.

Locals have endured parking problems for years, with many people using Longbridge Station parking in residential areas nearby and the increase that has come from the college has caused extra strain in what is already a congested area.

The daughter of one resident told us: “Residents are very upset at this, especially due to the disruption the development has already caused them – remember how long it would take to travel from Longbridge Lane on to Bristol Road?”

Local man John Drennan said: “Students and staff park in all the side roads at the end of Longbridge Lane – they show no respect or courtesy for the residents, double parking, on paths, even across drives. I sometimes have to park 100 yards from my house.”

Brett O’Reilly, Labour party candidate for Northfield in next year’s council elections, has started a petition in an attempt to help residents pressure Birmingham City Council to find a solution. Sign the petition He believes parking facilities have been overlooked in the Longbridge town centre plans. He has written a guest post on the issue here.

Brett said: “”It is my sheer disbelief at the lack of action from the Coallition council and furthermore, my empathy for the Longbridge community which has led me to launch a campaign for improvement in parking around the Longbridge redevelopment site. The lack of parking is a nuisance for local residents, an inconvenience for local businesses and commuters alike and a real safety hazard to anyone, especially children, who are forced to navigate between a maze of parked cars and traffic.

“My message on behalf of everyone I have spoken to in the area is that we want immediate action to end the parking misery for all in Longbridge and not for the council to wait until there is a serious incident to take note.”

Mike Murray, Senior Development Surveyor for St. Modwen, said: “As part of the development of Bournville College, St. Modwen has built a 500 space car park to be used until the town centre development has been completed.  Although temporary, this car park benefits from 24 hour security, lighting and is open seven days a week to the public.  We do not believe that the £1 a day charge is unreasonable for the quality of car park provided when compared to other car parks within the area.

“We, together with Bournville College are working with Birmingham City Council who are aware of the increased parking levels since the College opened and are actively monitoring it,” he added

John Drennan sent us some photos of students’ and staff’s cars parked on Sunbury Road (by Longbridge Station) and Thurlestone Road (click images for larger):

Do you live in the area? Is the increase in parked cars causing you problems?

Are you a student or staff member at Bournville College? Do you use the car park or park on the street? 

We’ d love to read you comments below!

Read Brett O’Reilly’s guest post about his campaign 

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  1. all that money spent building a new state of the art college and it has no parking facilities,and so we have to put up with more cars and you cant even get a bus now without being mobbed by hundreds of students …..shouldnt they have built their own car park and a new bus service just for the students……..not very well thought out……we used to have a lovely neighbourhood that we could travel around with ease…not no more ….oh thanks bourneville college.

  2. When I worked at the city council some years ago I saw the original application for the town centre development. There was supposed to be a 1000 space, multi-storey car park, mainly for commuters but also for visitors, students and shoppers. There was also supposed to have been around 800 spaces for the college and seperate spaces for the retail units. Although trains would not be increased buses were supposed to have increased and a central hub built outside Longbridge Station, together with improvements to the station itself.

    Centro pulled out, pleading poverty during the last recession. The Council, I believe, threatened to sue them. Since then we’ve had this half-baked effort which I don’t see improving anytime soon. I don’t recall seeing, in the original papers, that car parking would be a revenue earner. My understanding was that it would be free.

    • The parking fee is very cheap at £1.00 per day as it has security etc. You have to pay for parking in Northfield.
      The car park is a temporary measure, give them chance to build the multi storey car park.

  3. My son ashley was run over on sunbury road 2 years ago due to the fact that he had no choice but to cross the road between parked cars, luckily he survived but he was badly injured and hospitalised. I fear it will take a childs death for something to be done properly..

  4. rover may now be a just a memory but the company always provided ample FREE parking and listened to the local residents the £66 MILLION POUND bully could not care

  5. I do think free parking should have been provided from day 1, however at £1 per day I don’t think this is excessive, considering that it’s on average £1.34 per litre of fuel. If you don’t like it, use the bus/train! It really annoys me that people park outside my drive every day, each afternoon I come home wondering how much of a struggle it will be to get on to my drive due to the inconsiderate way these people are parking.


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