Kings Norton officers with confiscated bikes

From West Midlands Police:

POLICE in Kings Norton are sending a crushing message to illegal mini-moto riders in the area.

Officers have been taking tough action following concerns from locals about community safety and the nuisance from bikers using land around Hawksley estate.

During the summer, Kings Norton officers confiscated nine bikes from youngsters for a range of offences including careless and inconsiderate driving, driving without insurance, MOT’s or a driving licence and related anti-social behaviour.

Historically the number of people reporting the problem has increased during the warmer months, with many owners of mini-scramblers and motorbikes not realising the law surrounding their use.

Most mini-motos are not approved for road use so can only legally be ridden on private land with the permission of the land owner. To ride on roads or footpaths the vehicle needs to be registered with the DVLA and the rider needs tax and insurance. The rider also needs to be over 16.

Officers have powers to stop riders and following a warning, remove or seize the bike if it continues to be used illegally or anti-socially.

Police can also enter the homes where they believe the bikes are being stored and seize them.

PC Anthony Evans has been co-ordinating the teams’ work to cut illegal biking. He said: “We have been listening to residents concerns in relation to biking and as a result have adopted a zero tolerance approach.

“So far, we have confiscated nine bikes from people who have been causing problems and they are now all set to be crushed and recycled.”

The team have been regularly conducting operations to deal with the issues connected with the use of mini-motos.

These include officer patrolling in plain cloths, working with residents to identify riders, and dedicated patrols to educate young people and parents about the problems these bikes can cause.

PC Evans added: “I hope that this sends a strong message to anyone who may be thinking about buying or riding one of these bikes that we will not hesitate to seize and destroy them.

“I would also like to reassure residents that we are dedicated to stamping out this type of anti-social behaviour and therefore we will continue to focus on this issue in the coming months.”

If anyone is experiencing problems with illegal mini-motos should call 0345 113 5000.


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