Victim - David McArthur

A 35 year old man has been arrested in Bucharest, Romania in connection with a murder in Northfield, Birmingham.

David McArthur, 63 was found dead at his home in Woodbrooke Grove, Northfield on 22 August 2011.

A post mortem showed that he died from blunt force trauma which he received during a vicious assault.

West Midlands Police have repeatedly appealed for help in locating Romanian national Florian Baboi.

West Midlands Police are in contact with the relevant authorities in Romania and extradition proceedings are now underway.

The arrested man has not yet been named.

Florian Baboi - Wanted in connection with David McArthur's murder


  1. My wife and I used to live in Kings Norton but moved to Bradford some years ago. This item caused us considerabele interest because she has a cousin David Mc Arthur who came form a farming family in Nairnshire Scotland. The given age of the murder victim is roughly the same as that of my wife so it is possible that all the time we were living in Brum, there was a relative close by.

    Any info gratefully received



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