L-R: Producer David Toms with co-producers Mike Peace and James Colley

Two film students from the Northfield area are to make a film based on a Stephen King short story, Stationary Bike.

David Toms, 21 and originally from West Heath , is to direct, co-produce and write the short film, Bike. Mike Peace, 20 from Northfield, is to be the film’s Co-Producer and First Assistant Director.

David, Mike and fellow student James Colley have bought the rights to make the story into a film as part of bestselling US author Stephen King’s Dollar Baby project. It will be their last production as students and their “calling card to the film industry”.

Students and aspiring filmmakers buy the right to make a not-for-profit film based on selected King short stories for just $1. Frank Darabont, producer and writer of the Shawshank Redemption, took part in the project, helping him launch his career.

David and Mike both went to Turves Green Boys School in West Heath – David was in the year above Mike and they didn’t become friends until they met at Coventry University where both are now 3rd year students of media production.

The pair have already worked together on a short film called The Gift of a Stranger which was shot on location in Pasadena, California. Completed in April this year, the film has now been submitted to a number of film festivals.

The group work under the name of Random Download Productions.

David said: “I am really excited about this project, I enjoy watching mind-bending films like: “Inception“, “Synecdoche, New York” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind“, so the opportunity to make a film that questions reality is amazing. Films like that are few and far between, but they are such absorbing spectacles that you take on board their ideals and remember them for a long time. That is our aim.”

Mike said: “This is a great opportunity for us to work on Stephen King adapatation, as it will not only allow us to grow as filmmakers, but it will also allow us to form a great base for the start of our careers.”

The budget of the film is around £3000. The students are putting in £500 of their own money and hope to crowdsource the rest of the funds. Funds would go towards actors salary, catering, equipment hire, van hire, insurance, props, costumes and set dressing.

You can find their crowd funding pitch and contribute here. Funding contributors will receive a range of goodies once the film is completed, from thank you letters to posters to behind the scenes DVDs and screening invitations.

Filming for Bike will take place in Mid-March 2012 over 10 days in Birmingham and Coventry, UK.

Visit the crowdfunding page and offer your support: www.indiegogo.com/bike


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