Inside Rover, Longbridge Feb 2007 - copyright Michael Scott |

We were having another look through Mike Scott’s pictures from inside Northfield Manor earlier, and were reminded of a set of images he took back in 2007 in, on and under the Rover plant at Longbridge.

Images include rooftop shots, inside the factory and offices and in some of the underground tunnels under the plant.

Here are just a selection. You can find many more on his website or on the 28 Days Later forum.

Click for larger image – all images copyright Michael Scott

Mike also shot some video footage in the service tunnels, rumoured to have acted as a shadow factory during World War II – you can view this on his website

Shown below is his footage of a hidden bunker under the East Works, which he claims appeared to have been untouched for around 30 years.

For more images and video visit the website


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