Frankley student Stephanie Palmer opens her results - 6A*s, 2As, 3 Bs and 1 C

The following from Frankley Community High School:

Some folk suggested that it couldn’t happen again when Frankley Community High School had achieved one very good set of GCSE results in 2010. Well, 2011’s students have produced the best set of GCSE results the school has ever seen.

84% of students achieved 5 A* – C grades, 48% of students achieved 5 A* – C including maths and English – a similar result to schools in the surrounding area which had previously outshone Frankley. GCSE results in English and maths have gone through the roof: 60% of students gained an A* – C grade in English, whilst 51% of students achieved an A* – C grade in maths.

The most recent HMI Inspection stated: “There is something very special going on in this school!” And we tend to agree. The staff have pulled out all the stops to work in partnership with students, governors and parents to ensure that each child is given an opportunity to shine.

One in five students gained at least 3 or more A* or A grades. Was this something that was synonymous with Frankley? It certainly is now!

Not only are the previous cohort celebrating, the new Year 11s have already achieved an extraordinary feat: 43% of the year group have already achieved their maths and English Language GCSEs at B or C grades and seem to be showing everyone in their wake that they are not a year group to mess with. They have decided that they are going to beat all records set so far and reach for the stars to ensure that Frankley is lit up in lights: the most improved school in Birmingham and the biggest success story in the local authority.

Mrs Jane Harris, Head Teacher, states: “I am so incredibly proud of what the students have achieved. It is as a result of a tremendous team effort; students, staff, governors and parents all working together to continually raise standards and to ensure each child achieves their full potential.”

Some students who must be highlighted for their successes are:

Stephanie Palmer who achieved 6A*s, 2As, 3 Bs and 1 C;
Rachel Kennedy gained 6A*, 2Bs, and 3 Cs
Jessica French accomplished 6 A*, 1A and 3 Cs
Temi Bolorunduro achieved 1A*, 7As and 5Bs.

We are extremely proud of all of our students for their achievements academically and the way they have left the school as such well-rounded individuals.

Congratulations to all students at Frankley – we are delighted for each and every one of you!

If you wish to speak to a senior teacher or make an appointment to visit the school, please contact us on 0121 464 9901.

Our Open Evening is on Wednesday 14th September: 6.00pm – 8.00pm.

Daniel Scullion


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