Nine year old Holly Lines is to celebrate her birthday by attempting the Skycoaster dive off Blackpool South Pier.

The dive involves being strapped in a harness and hoisted to a height of 120 feet (38m). Once released, there is a 15 foot freefall before a huge swing out over the sea, missing the pier decking by just 6 feet!

Holly, who is from Longbridge and attends Colmers Farm Junior School in Rednal, will be 9 on October 1st and will do the jump on her birthday.

The gutsy youngster is determined to do the dive to raise funds for Birmingham’s Acorns Childrens Hospice. On her Just Giving page, Holly says: “I’m really scared but I really want to help the children and families who rely on the Acorns.”

Acorns cared for Holly’s cousin Luke and his family. Luke passed away before Holly was born. Holly says: “[I] have heard my family talk about the support they received, not just to Luke but for them as well, even after he passed away. Please donate does not matter how much because every little helps and it all adds up.”

If you can support Holly by sponsoring her, please visit:

Good luck, Holly!

What Holly has to look forward to:

With thanks to Ken and Holly Lines





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