Would you, or anyone you know under the age of 20, be interested in joining a debate at Birmingham City Council House this Friday between 3 and 5pm?

It’s being organised by Elaina Cohen, supported by Dr Miles Weaver. They’re hoping to bring together young people from around the city to talk about the recent disorder – what could have caused it, how it could be prevented from happening again, how we can help young people feel more a part of their communities, how can we encourage active citizenship and so on.

There’s no plan to the debate, it will be entirely led by the young people taking part. The outcome will be for them to shape a set of actions to encourage a partnership – a true dialogue between those in power and young people. This can be achieved in any way they feel fit and involve whom ever they wish.

Some local councillors and MPs may attend, to hear what young people have to say.

We feel it’s important that the outer suburbs of the city are represented, so if you’re interested in going along and helping shape plans for the future, email Miles Weaver for more details.

Read about how Miles met with some local people in the city centre and hear what they chatted about here!


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