We thought it might be useful to start keeping a timeline of when and where travellers are illegally camped within the Northfield constituency. We hope the timeline can be used to demonstrate the extent and persistence of the issue of illegal encampments within the constituency and support calls for long term solutions.

We’ve started it from the beginning of 2011. Dates up to August will be (very!) approximate. There will be gaps – if you know other (rough) dates and places or can provide more accurate dates, leave a comment below or email sas@b31.org.uk – especially encampments in the Weoley area.

Do let us know if you see travellers on new or return sites so that we can keep this list updated.

Thank you!


  • 20th January 2011 Great Park – Small group of travellers on car park by astroturf. Moved by WM Police 21st January
  • 25th January 2011 Lower Beeches Road, Egghill – small group – there for a couple of weeks?
  • June Lower Beeches Road, Egghill
  • 10/11th July 2011 – Romsley Road, Bartley Green
  • 19th July 2011 Meadow Brook Road Park, Weoley – left the following evening
  • Last weekend July – Lower Beeches Road, Egghill
  • 3/4th August fields next to Frankley Community High School – 7th Aug  told police they were moving to the Cotswolds but instead moved to Cofton Park
  • 7-8th August Small group moved to Cofton Park. Did another group join as seemed larger before left the park? Eviction notice served 8th August. Left on the evening of 16th August – enforcement of eviction notice was due 17th August
  • 17th August Larger group (from Cofton Park – around 25 caravans/mobile homes) moved to park land adjacent to and owned by Reaside Clinic, Great Park, Rubery – left 26th August
  • Tuesday 23rd August 2011 – Large group (around 40 vans) move on to Manor Farm Park in Northfield. Police aware – believed moved from Senneleys Park – moved on same day – Friends of Manor Farm Park cleared up lots of litter
  • Thursday 25th August 2011 – Football field off Queen Elizabeth Road, Boleyn Road, Frankley – around 25 vans Left 6/9/11
  • Friday 26th August 2011 – Group from Reaside left and were seen travelling up Longbridge Lane. Reported to have set up in Kings Norton Park.
  • Tuesday 6th September – Playing fields opposite Kings Norton Park – moved same day to:
  • Tuesday 6th September – Tesco site at Hunts Road / Ripple Road by the River Rea in Stirchley

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