Rubble dumped in Cofton Park - by Jono Smith

Several people have been reporting that there are travellers on Cofton Park in Longbridge, at the corner of Low Hill Lane & Lickey Road.

A reader has emailed in these photographs he has taken showing some of the “rubbish, rubble and excrement” that he has witnessed.

Jono Smith said, “I used to be quite sympathetic […], but when this is done to your area, it changes your opinion fundamentally. If they just left with no damage that’s one thing, but the amount of literal crap they will leave, has made me very angry.”

Mr Smith intends to contact local councillors to see what can be done to protect Cofton Park.

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  1. Apparently enforcement officers were despatched last week and they were given seven days to move on. Are they still there? I’d presume from the date of posting they are. I was alarmed at the large number of them. It was/is a sizeable community.

  2. Hi there, I was up there today (16th August), and another 50 or so caravans have arrived. They have literally taken over the place, there are also several young children going around with air rifles shooting anything and everything! Try to stay away!


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