I had a message from Terry Redmond of the Northfield Past facebook group earlier today, pointing me in the direction of a set of images from an urban explorer

The photographer has managed to go inside the abandoned and derelict Northfield Manor House and take an amazing set of pictures!

Image copyright of Michael Scott | www.photoaddiction.co.uk  

To view the full set of images visit www.photoaddiction.co.uk

The house, former home of George and Elizabeth Cadbury, was donated to the University of Birmingham after Dame Cadbury’s death. It was used as a student residence, with newer halls being attached later, until 2007. It was then put up for sale by the university and has sat empty since.

We still have no new news on plans for the manor – the building has apparently been sold for development, subject to planning permission. There are rumours about the developer and their plans, but we’re still waiting to see what is submitted for planning permission.

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  1. Just a small update from me – B’ham City Council have confirmed that there have been no new planning applications for this site.

  2. Northfield Manor

    Apparently there was a meeting about the future of Northfield Manor last night, not very well publicised. It seems the University might have sold it to Banner Homes. Any info from people who went to the meeting would be useful.

    • Thanks! Wish we’d known about that! Who was invited to this ‘public’ meeting? Will see if we can unearth anyone who went or who knows anything.mlet us know if you find anything more out?

  3. I have emailed the Director of Property at the Uni he is on holiday . Apparantly it was called by Banner Homes who are the purchasers of the site. I have spoken to the Directors PA and she is coming back to me with more info. When we have this Weoley Hill Village Council will make a direct contact with Banner, we are already in discussion with the Uni over the future of the Westhill and the potential University Schoool on that site.

  4. Have been on the Banner Homes website. There are details of the scheme and a box for comments. Its very mock BVT but I think it is too much, most of the Manor House survives was a little concerned about the fate of Rose Cottage.

    We really aught to meet up to talk this through. I have requested a meeting with them on behalf of the Village Council.


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