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Northfield Ecocentre, in partnership with The Big Tree Plant, is aiming to create over thirty community orchards within Northfield over the next two years.

The aim is to grow a greener, healthier and more sustainable community in Northfield. The new trees will be of benefit to residents of Northfield as well as to local wildlife. The trees will be a source of food and resources for community groups, they will help to improve our air quality, provide habitats for animal and plant species, and provide places to relax and exercise.

You can help in three ways:

  1. Sponsor a tree – The Ecocentre has been part-funded to plant the 1400 trees but they still need people who are willing to help them invest into the community by getting involved in their sponsorship scheme. There are two types of sponsorship: £45 for a Half Standard Fruit tree and £10 to sponsor a Broad Leaf tree. Sponsorship includes planting, staking and plastic tree protection plus a description of the type of tree and location.
  2. Provide land for planting – The community orchard scheme is looking for land in Northfield so if you work with, or have links to, a community organisation such as a school, church or park group who you think would be interested in having their own orchard, contact Luke Pearson. Any group can offer land as long as it will be of benefit to the community.
  3. Volunteer to help plant the trees –  If you would be interested in helping to plant the trees during late autumn through to spring this year and next This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it contact Luke Pearson

Eileen Oakes is the first person to sponsor a tree and chose a broad leaf tree as a gift for her daughter. She said “It is such a good idea and the tree will be around for years to come.”

Luke Olly, Ecocentre Manager said “Northfield Ecocentre aims to develop a low-carbon, sustainable Northfield and the tree planting scheme is one of the projects that will help us to do that. The orchards will provide a resource for the future and for the community groups. The trees will help to increase biodiversity as well as reduce carbon.”

To sponsor a tree or offer help, email Luke Pearson or visit Northfield Ecocentre’s tree planting page  to find out more.



  1. I would like to get involved in helping to plant trees and anything else you are doing. I live near Balaams forest.


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