Oliver from Northfield speaks to Sangat TV
Oliver from Northfield speaks to Sangat TV

A Northfield man made his way to Dudley Road in Winson Green to join a peace vigil held by the local community for  Shazad Ali (30), Abdul Musavir (31) and Haroon Jahan (20) last Thursday night (11th August).

Local people from both the Muslim and Sikh communities of Winson Green came together to hold a vigil for the three men who were murdered whilst trying to defend local businesses during the unrest on the previous night.

The man, who said his name was “Oliver” and that he was from Northfield / West Heath has been identified by friends as Olly Galvin.

Residents across the city watched in dismay as looters attacked shops and businesses in the city centre and beyond, apparently spurred on by the riots taking place throughout London. Catholic Mr Galvin travelled over to Winson Green to stand side by side with the mourning community and to make his views heard on local channel Sangat TV.

You can watch Mr Galvin’s passionate comments below: click play then click the timeline bar at 22:00 minutes.

Watch live video from Sangat Television on Justin.tv

Three vehicles believed to have been involved in the murder have been recovered by West Midlands Police and three people have been charged, including a 23 year old man from Kings Norton.

As troubles die down, a multi-faith peace protest was held today in Summerfield Park in Winson Green with an estimated 5000 in attendance. The event brought together people of all faiths from across Birmingham, along with local councillors, MPs, police representatives and more. Northfield resident Helen Ogbourn attended the rally and took a few photographs. Read her blog post United Birmingham: One City, One Voice for Peace

Birmingham United - Peace Rally
by Helen Ogbourn on Flickr


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