broken glass
Broken glass by Brandenz on Flickr

Summer for me is not only about working on my tan whilst drinking a cold one, it’s also the opportunity to take a relaxing (mostly!) walk with the dog and kiddies. Sun, fresh air and exercise whilst exploring your local area is a great thing, it’s also free and fun (mostly!). However, it’s not fun when you’re constantly having to avoid the minefield of broken glass and dog poo.

Breaking glass can be fun, I can understand that. When you’re young, breaking things is pretty much all there is to do to help deal with the boredom. Youngsters need to be recognised as important members of society, provisions need to be made to provide them with other things to do, places to go, choices that give more entertainment than smashing bottles in the streets. I’m not trying to make excuses for them, after all broken glass punctures tyres (which if it’s a wheelchair tyre you’re looking at £75 call out to repair it) *waves fist*! But not only hassle and money, it’s also a constant danger to people and animals. I would urge the culprits to try using their noggins a tad more, we all have a responsibility to do the right thing regardless of age or raging hormones.

As for dog poo, no excuses. If you want to get a dog, then I have to warn you that, sadly like you, it has a poo (but normally they do it outside and don’t read the paper at the same time). Call me strange but having dog poo (any poo really) on me makes me feel sick, it really is disgusting. If for any reason you can’t pick up dog mess due to disability, or happen to have forgotten your poo bag (once or twice), fair enough. However, the enormous amount of dog mess around here shows that not to be the case. Those people who choose to leave the poo or pretend not to havenoticed that their hairy creature has had a poo, all I can say to you is that your act of selfishness shows a complete disrespect for your local area and it’s occupants.


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