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Members of the new Northfield Arts Forum will be at Northfield Carnival tomorrow, showcasing their members’ work.

The forum, with members from Northfield, Longbridge, Kings Norton and Weoley Castle, was formed by Birmingham City Council in May this year.

It aims to bring together local artists and help them form a network of support, while giving the council an idea of what arts provision there is in the Northfield constituency.

The group will have a stand on Victoria Common during the Northfield Carnival where artists can showcase their work and talk to and engage with local people. There will also be a performance by some of the artists, at around 4pm.

Co-ordinator Laura Biding said, “We’ve got the likes of Bill O’Brien, pioneer of Rea River Roots, playing some of his folk style music; Giovanni ‘Spoz’ Esposito demonstrating his poetical and singing skills and offering others the opportunity to perform poetry of their own; Tosin Sarayi is bringing some of her African inspired textiles and designs; ‘Prok’ of the Roadhouse in Kings Norton is going to be showing what goes on in their music lessons on a Saturday morning and give people the opportunity to talk about beginning to play an instrument, like the electric guitar or drums. Malachi drama group will be around our marquee too, talking about the valuable work they do to promote emotional well being.

“We’re also really interested in the kind of arty things that are going on around the local area, and in finding out what arty activities people want to do. Basically, we want to bring arts to the people of the Northfield constituency and we’ll be doing our best throughout the coming months.” she added.

So, go along and meet your local artists and be inspired!

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