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From Julia Holmes of Fresh Start for Hens:

Our next rehoming day of ex battery hens will be on 30th July. Deadline for applications for hens is 15th July. All hens to be collected from Rubery on that day.

We are an independent group with the objective of rehoming battery hens which would otherwise be slaughtered. We have many volunteers who help us distribute the hens in various areas. We have no formal connection to any other organisation. We value the lives of birds and are committed to rehoming them in safe, suitable homes where they can live out the rest of their natural lives.

We purchase our hens from farmers just before their slaughter date. Commercially hens are slaughtered after a year of laying, when their production drops below the 6 eggs per week that is required to make them commercially profitable. Their carcasses are worth very little and are usually sold for dog food, baby food or cheap processed foods etc.

We ask for a minimum donation of just £2.50 per hen.

Please read the website for further information. If you require any further help or want to ask questions about keeping hens, please phone  the Birmingham Co-ordinator who will be pleased to advise you on where to purchase feed supplies etc. Julia Holmes on  0121 680 6805

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