As Northfield band Goodnight Lenin prepare to launch their new EP at the Mac this weekend, Marty Taylor provides us with a… ermmm… ‘review’ ….!

I am no music expert, but I do love all forms of music.

William Shatner? Musical legend. Demis Roussos? Musical god.  Barry White? Musical viagra….  I know my stuff!

It’s true that Goodnight Lenin are a local band. It’s also true that they are rather good looking. But this has nothing to do with why B31 blog loves them – we love them because they are fantastically talented.

There is something so warming and satisfying about their music, even sad lyrics put a smile on my face! hmm… *blink*  In fact, I’ve not felt this warm and satisfied since I hand fed a raccoon (aww his lil fingers took some worm things from me! :-) – Best day of my life! Well after marrying my wife. Oh and the birth of our 3 kids. Also West Brom staying in the premier league!)

Anyway, Goodnight Lenin’s EP is a must for any true fan of music.  I have seen them likened to the likes of Mumford & Sons. Perhaps, but Goodnight Lenin’s lyrics and sounds are distinctively their own.

Six tracks of beautiful brilliance is what Goodnight Lenin have generously decided to share with us all.  Six individual experiences of stunning lyrics with addictive music.

A feast of foot tapping genius. Matt, John Fell, John Joe, Sammy and Liam –  Goodnight Lenin, we salute you! :-) xx

To celebrate the launch, we are giving away a copy of  the Wenceslas Square EP to one lucky reader!

Email your answer to the following question to before 12 noon on Monday 25th July 2011 to be in with a chance! A winner will be picked at random.

Question: In which European city would you find Wenceslas Square?

Good luck!

COMPETITION CLOSED! Thanks to all who entered!

WINNER: Harry Starling – congratulations!


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