Since cuts to youth service funding across Bromsgrove District Council was announced, the young people of  the Youthworcs centre in Rubery, along with their families, friends and supporters, have staged an active and energetic campaign to try and save their service.

Concerned that it is likely that funding cuts will mean the closure of their centre, supporters have held demonstrations, petitioned the council, publicised their plight using traditional and new media, and have won the support of their local councillor and local people.

Now, the Save our Youth Service (Rubery) campaign has been selected to feature in a Channel 4 series, Bars for Change. The observational documentary series follows 20 year old political activist, Jody McIntyre, as he campaigns alongside young people and challenges officials in his own unique way.

The Bars for Change Facebook page describes the series: “Twenty-year-old protester and activist Jody McIntyre is friends with some of the top names from the music world. He wants to use his contacts to create five new music documentary videos and you’ll have a major say in what they look and sound like. Jody wants your input for lyrics, beats and video locations for five films that will feature a different star from the Grime / Hip hop scene as he confronts and challenges the establishment over issues that affect young people in Britain today. ”

The plan was for McIntyre to accompany young campaigners to Worcester Council House tomorrow morning to stage a demonstration, followed by Channel 4 cameras.

Waseley High School, which most of the young people involved go to, was willing to allow pupils to attend the demo if parental consent was given.

However, some legal problems have arisen at the last minute, which prevent the youngsters from participating.

Instead, a demonstration will be held at the Youthworcs centre tomorrow afternoon, from 4.30pm. Jody McIntyre will campaign alongside Save Our Youth Service (Rubery) supporters. The event will be filmed by Channel 4 for Bars for Change.

Campaign organiser and spokesperson Yasmin Millward said, ” The people of Rubery need to pull together to make the people against us see that it’s not just the young people that go to the centre that will be affected by the closure, but the whole community. We have already had over 1000 signatures [on our petition] and most people seem to be on our side.

“The young people involved in this youth service are passionate about their service and dedicated to save it. Our best hope is that the council agree to carry on funding our youth services in Rubery as it has been doing for many years so successfully.”

More campaigners are always welcome, so if you can spare an hour or two tomorrow afternoon, please join them at the youth centre and show your support!

Event details:
Demonstration to save Rubery youth services
Where: Youthworcs Centre, New Road, Rubery
When: 4.30pm onwards, Thursday 21st July 2011


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Jodie McIntyre by Josie Dixon |


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