Special Branch!
What do Birmingham South Police really get up to?!

Birmingham South Police started a second 24 hour twitter marathon today, enabling members of the public to see what goes on in a typical day.

West Midlands Police already use social media to engage with users very successfully.

During the twitter marathon, or ‘tweetathon’, officers and staff will be passing on even more  via the @bhamsouthpolice twitter stream.

Between 3 and 5pm, Weoley Castle resident, IT consultant and twitter user Richard Tubbs (@tubblog) will be live-tweeting as he accompanies Sergeant Tim Evans as a passenger in one of the Birmingham South Police cars, as Sgt Evans responds to call outs.

If you’re on twitter, follow @bhamsouthpolice and the hashtag #BST2 for tweets and responses. Also follow @tubblog between 3-5pm

If you’re not on twitter you can view all tweets from or mentioning “@bhamsouthpolice” in the widget below.


  1. My phone has been static charged for about 3 years or more, felt the presence of other perons voice overiding my contact with others. Previous to what has been written this has happened years ago roughly about 10 years, i do not know how this has happened. Also had an implication with the electrics, but this has been attended to by the Fire Services. Also someone has been using probably or most likely an X-ray machine of some sort through the building/or using a satellite system to track people in the area for their own convenience. This is the reason why i have been walking around/back & forth for 3 years. I know for a fact the neighbours or neighbourhood have logged on to my mobile number (my only phone number) to gain escapism to commit crime to keep the police force at bay. Also i’ve seen a few recognisable faces following me whilst visiting London – part of Teresa Taitt crew from Lee Bank/Hockley and family. Probably relations that lived in Kingstanding – newspaper report (2 houses linked as one). Spate of robberies linked to them. Also certain gang/crew members supposedly gone straight dressed-up in their stolen finery, to distinguish themselves from the others.


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