The Council House, Birmingham (shot 5)
The Council House, Birmingham by Rick Harrison on Flickr

Following last month’s attempt to livestream a Birmingham City Council full council meeting, BCC will again attempt a full video and audio stream from today’s meeting.

Last month’s pioneering attempt hit problems on the day, as technicians found video equipment to be inadequate for the task. The meeting, including the swearing in of the new Lord Mayor Anita Ward, was streamed live with audio only.

Since then, systems have been upgraded and cameras will follow the meeting in the council house, with images being streamed directly to the internet using the Ustream service.

The stream will be available below once it goes live at around 1.45pm, Tuesday 14th June – the meeting starts at 2pm.

Those wishing to follow and discuss the events whilst watching the live stream, can do so on twitter using the hashtag #bccmeetings or follow and join in the discussion on the Cover It Live event page (we’ll add the link later or you can find the link here once it goes live) (NB: tweets with the #bccmeetings hashtag will automatically appear on the CoverItLive page)

Links to help you follow and join in the discussion:

Cover It Live event page set an email reminder for the event and watch the discussion once the meeting starts
Follow #bccmeetings  on twitter
Follow B31blog on twitter
Meeting agenda

*The stream will appear below once live (requires Adobe Flashplayer):

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

See also Birmingham Council meeting livestream success for archived video of the meeting


  1. This is a fantastic development which I am sure will do good to improve the debate in the council. I enjoyed following some of the debate.

    Well done BCC.

  2. It seemed to be quite a popular stream yesterday, didn’t it? From talking to John Mostyn and Daz Wright it appears that you get a lot better experience, with fewer ads and video stream cutting out, if you sign in to Ustream.

    Now, if we could just get the stream to work from behind the city council’s web filters ……=0)


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