Mobile Phone Mast
We have been asked to host an online petition, for lead petitioner Gemma Cartwright, against the proposals to erect three mobile telephone masts throughout the Longbridge ward area.

The masts, in Arden Road, Frankley Beeches Road and Low Hill Lane have all been refused planning permission by Birmingham City Council.

The planning applicants, Vodafone & Telefonica O2, have now appealed against BCC’s decision.

Please read full details below and sign the petition if you oppose the erection of these masts.

Paper copies of the petition will also be available in the area.

Email address is required for signature confirmation. Address and post code are optional, but add validity to the petition. These details will not be displayed on the website*

You can also choose not to display your name on the list below. In view of this, please be aware that the petition may contain more signatures than the list of signatories suggests. We will update you on numbers regularly.

Please use the share buttons below to let your friends know about the petition. Thank you.


*NB: It is NOT essential to submit your address and postcode. If you choose to, they will not be published on this website. We will not store your information or use it in any way, other than to print off the petition to be sent to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol.


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  1. My reception is terrible with Vodafone, O2 and Three. Can we have a petition for the installation of the masts? There is no evidence indicating they are a hazard to health is there? I did not realise this site was so biased.

    If you sign the petition and you use a mobile phone or yours kids have them….you’re a hypocrite.

    • Hi John,

      The site is not biased, we try to be fair – it is run by just two individuals and we’d love more contributors to join and to broaden the scope of the site.

      The petition has been hosted as we are also here to help to enable local people to have a voice, whatever it is they have to say – so long as it’s suitable for all readers and not offensive or unlawful!

      If you’re serious about wanting an opposing petition, if you write one and arrange to have it sent to Bristol in line with the appeal dates, then we will happily host it for you.

      This is not just a news site, it is a place for opinions and activism as well.

      On a personal level, I signed this because I believe there is enough doubt around mobile masts to at least expect them to be positioned away from schools etc.

      If you do want an opposing petition, please email me on

  2. The thing is, this is an emotive issue of protecting children from possible health hazards. I trust that the authorities who look into this will take an objective viewpoint and give it due consideration and I would not set up a petition promoting the installation of the masts, when it concerns the emotive area of children’s health where scientific objectivity can get thrown out the window for understandable reasons.

    Microwaves do heat the head. A mobile phone emits about 2 watts and a mobile mast about 100 watts of energy (source: wikipedia). As electromagnetic energy follows a 1/distance squared relationship, then the power from the antenna to people on the ground in the surrounding area would be insignificant compared to holding a mobile phone to ones own head by this basic rule of physics.

    I would say again that it would be hypocritical for people to protest if they or their children have mobile phones and, in my opinion, parents should be more concerned about the known hazard of pollution from cars when they drive to and from school poisoning the lungs of their children and others at the school.

    Furthermore, has the petition been promoted by the local labour party? I don’t really see that as local people having a say but politicos linked to a national and established political party directing local opinion. That is a matter of debate, however, as it can be seen as them assisting people to have a voice.

    Even though I felt that I should comment on this page, I like your site a lot and it gives out great local news and you do an excellent job.

    • Thanks John :)

      The lead petitioner is a Labour Party activist, yes, but to be fair, we would happily help promote petitions by local people, whatever their political stance. And we will offer help and advice on setting up petitions/campaigns if people need it and we can help. It is then up to individuals to decide if they would like to support a petition/campaign or not.

      I’m really glad you commented, as we’d love to see much more discussion on the blog!

      Check here if you’re interested in contributing more!


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