UPDATE 29th June ’11: Happily, Sally has now been found, safe and well! :)

West Midlands Police have issued an appeal, via twitter, to help find a dog missing from her Northfield home.

Sally is a black and tan Yorkshire terrier, who needs medication daily.

She went missing from the South Road area of Northfield. Two boys were seen following the dog on Sunday evening, around the South Road/Quarry Lane junction and were heard to say “Let’s adopt the dog.” Police do have reports of a sighting early on Monday.

Sally is described as a friendly and adventurous little dog, so it is believed she could be anywhere in that area.

Her owners are very concerned, especially as she is in need of her medication.

Please keep an eye out and if you think you may have seen her over the last few days, please contact Sgt Michael Palmer on 0345 113 5000.

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