According to a B31 blog source, Birmingham Women’s Hospital in Edgbaston is to stop providing formula milk for babies on their wards, staff were told yesterday.

Mothers will be expected to supply their own ready-made (by manufacturer) formula milk, along with disposable bottles.

As the cheaper reusable bottles and self prepared powdered formula milk will not be an option, this is going to be an extra cost and worry for new parents.

This practice is becoming common in other hospitals throughout the region and the UK in general, but whether this move is a cost cutting exercise or to encourage more women to breastfeed, there are set to be many questions as to whether it is the right course for the hospital to take.

What are your thoughts?

Update 7th June : Northfield MP Richard Burden has written to the chief executive of BWH expressing concerns. You can read his letter here

Update 18th June 2011: Richard Burden MP has received  a reply from Steve Peak, Chief Executive of BWH. You can also read Mr Burden’s reaction to this letter.

Update 20th june 2011: Further reply to Richard Burden from Steve Peak can be found here

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