When we set up B31 a year ago voluntarily, we’d hoped it would become a valuable community resource, allowing people to voice and discuss local issues, promote local news, events and organisations etc.

We’ve covered news, events, issues, arts, the local election and more. We are part of a partnership with the Birmingham Mail whereby they publish an RSS feed to all our posts on and a summary of our news in their weekly print supplement (in Tuesday’s Mail).

We’re enjoying writing the blog and are happy that we’ve developed it into what it is now, but we’d always intended that it should grow into what the local community wants it to become.

To this end, we’d love to have more contributors on the B31 team. We cover quite a big area – personally, we are addressed as Northfield, our ward is Longbridge, our children go to school in Rednal and we border on Rubery & Frankley – so all feature in our daily lives. So we covered it all! The more contributors we can get, the more detail and commitment to their little patch we can get, thus providing better coverage of the local community.

We’re looking for contributors to to write articles &  opinion pieces.

  • Do you live in B31 or B45?
  • Do you read our site and think “I could do that!”?
  • Have you always fancied doing a bit of writing?

What’s in it for you?!

  • Money!? No, sorry! is run by volunteers and hosted on personal webspace paid for by us. There is no income at the moment, and if there ever is any (we’re considering some basic advertising) any monies will be used towards web costs and promoting the blog. If there was anything left over, it would be donated to a local charity. will always be run by the community, for the community.
  • Experience?! Writing for us will certainly give you something to add to your CV! Aside from writing, if you are unfamiliar with blogging and social media, you will gain useful knowledge and experience in this area. If you get really involved, you may also get to attend hyperlocal blogging events, courses and conferences, if you want to.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling?! Writing for B31 will mean you are contributing in a positive way to your local community, keeping people informed and helping them find a bigger voice. You’ll also get to know and love your own community more!

So, you’d like to contribute?!

If you’d like to be considered as a regular contributor, with author access to the blog and your details on the ‘About’ page then drop us an email and we’ll send you full details.

Alternatively, you can submit an individual article to us at anytime by email – include some personal details and a picture of yourself to be published alongside your article… or remain anonymous if you wish! Not all articles will be accepted, but most will! We welcome all political views, but will not accept any posts (and comments) which are libelous, offensive, bigoted or defamatory. The blog is intended for use by all ages, so any content must respect this. We welcome free speech, but ultimately, we host the blog and could be held responsible for its content.

We look forward to your contributions! Email




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