Left to right: Mike Murray (St Modwen), Michael Adenmosun (Sainsbury’s) and Mark Watkins (St Modwen)

In a press release, Longbridge developers St. Modwen has announced the completion of a deal with Sainsbury’s to construct an 85,000 sq ft store as part of the £1 billion regeneration of Longbridge, in a move which is set to create approximately 400 jobs, underlining the foodstore operator’s role as a major employer in the area.

Located off Longbridge Lane, adjacent to Longbridge Train Station, the Sainsbury’s store will become the retail anchor for the proposed £70 million Longbridge town centre, which includes a total of 165,000 sq ft of retail space – amounting to 24 new shops and restaurants.  A planning application for the new building with 475 under croft car parking spaces was submitted to Birmingham City Council in February 2011. Subject to planning consent being granted, construction will commence in summer 2011, with the Sainsbury’s store expected to open to the public by Easter 2013.

Mike Murray, senior development surveyor for St. Modwen, said: “The plans for Longbridge town centre have always envisaged a major foodstore, and to have agreed a deal with Sainsbury’s to fulfil this key requirement at such an early stage in the project is a massive accomplishment.

“The new store is set to boost the local economy with the creation of hundreds of jobs across a range of skill sets; and as there has never been a foodstore of this size located within Longbridge, we expect the new Sainsbury’s will enable the community to enjoy the convenience of being able to shop locally, rather than having to travel out of the area. This in itself has wide-ranging economic and environmental benefits for Longbridge.”

Mr Murray continued: “The store will act as a cornerstone for the retail phase of the town centre, and we anticipate high levels of interest in the remaining retail and leisure space from other potential occupiers following this announcement.  To have now secured Sainsbury’s and to have the new Bournville College under construction on the town centre site prove that St. Modwen is forging ahead with the delivery of an extremely important phase of this landmark regeneration scheme, and we continue to move towards the goal of creating up to 10,000 jobs at Longbridge.”

Michael Adenmosun, Sainsbury’s Regional Development Executive, said: “We are pleased to confirm our plans for a new foodstore in Longbridge. The proposed store will create new jobs for local people and bring great food at fair prices to the community of Longbridge. We are looking forward to playing a part in the area’s future economic growth and working with St. Modwen, the community and its representatives to deliver the store.”

Part of the wider regeneration of the former MG Rover car production plan, the plans for the £70 million Longbridge town centre also include an hotel and 40 apartments, together with community space including two acres of public parkland with the newly created Austin Park.  Car parking provision is also included within the town centre, along with arrangements for access roads and continued local road improvements.

Advantage West Midlands is currently joint landowner at Longbridge.

What are your views? Are you happy to see a new supermarket planned for the area? Are you satisfied that the superstore will be Sainsbury’s rather than one of the other “Big Four”? What do you think will be the impact on other local supermarkets and smaller businesses?
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  1. “A New Heart for Longbridge” says the slogan. Shame it’s being ripped out of Northfield though…

    A big Mistake in my opinion. Were any residents consulted on which store they’d like to see in the area? Seems this is a Thank You to Sainsbury’s for their contributions in Northfield.

    The council need to be careful. Northield is heading in the same direction as Brierley Hill. Whoever gets Sainsbury’s Northfield store (if it does change hands) should be allowed to expand it. Northfield needs to draw people in and not just those changing buses there.

    • The contact who sent me the press release confirmed “that the plans are for a foodstore, not a convenience store and that this will have no impact on other stores in the area.”

      That may well be their intention, but I wonder how much custom this new store will take away from the Northfield store?

      At least you’ll be able to park in Morrisons!? ;)

  2. personally iike the idea but just wondered how it will work when you,ll have morrissons and the new sainsburys within close proximity .. yet we already have a sainsburys in selly oak and northfield both not to far in travelling distance .. personally i wouldnt have minded an asda store ..but i dont mind sainsburys ..

  3. I’m thinking if Sainsbury’s have three stores within such a small area, then that’s three stores the competition can’t have…. call me a cynic, if you will ;)
    Richard Burden makes good points in his statement – I agree that the most important thing is that those that can work with Sainsbury’s now and make sure they make a positive contribution to the Longbridge community ie: jobs, community support etc without damaging the sustainability of other local town centres, Northfield in particular. http://www.karmadillo.co.uk/b31/?p=2558

  4. Sainsburys proposed shop at Selly Oak is on hold and they did not pay their contribution to the new (and very ugly) road. Their contribution was paid by public body WMRA. Is this company chasing subsidies around Birmingham ? Also is the plan wholly flawed as obliterating the branch railway to Frankley (to make that area more accessible to business and hopefully help jobs) is part of this supermarket scheme. 50% carbon reduction, less imported energy – wrong direction !

  5. Hi
    I would have loved to see Asda Walmart instead of SAiansbury’s as we have enough of then in the area already.
    We also have Morrisons and Tesco so why not Asda?
    I would love to not to drive to Bromsgrove to shop but walk down the road instead.

  6. Would like to advertise a Charity Car Wash for my Guides amd Brownies at the Man on the Moon Pub next Sunday.(29th May) 12 to 4pm. raising money for new pack holiday uniform and trip to Disney land Paris. £4-00 per car.

  7. Why are they moving Sainsbury’s to Longbrige when it if perfectly fine in Northfield and what is being re-placed by ? I hope its will be something very use full !!!? .I think they should have just left it alone and built asda instead as we already have Sainsbury’s in selly oak witch is not far to travel but i don’t like the one in selly oak its to small and can never find anything in there that i need its mainly for students . Iv got a funny feeling that they will be doing selly oak next turning that into a little town center and more stores

  8. We all knew it was going to happen a big supermarket in Longbridge on the rover site, i would of liked Asda but thats my choice more compettion for the other supermarkets in our area. But the deal is done and yes it has its good points it brings much needed jobs to the area. But i still feel we need to bring more manufacturing jobs to the area which is what the area will always be linked with. Longbridge needs a town centre that can be the heart of longbrige but it must also be a town centre we can be proud of but we should never forget what once stood on this site thats our history and heritage.
    councillor Andy Cartwright
    Working hard for the people of Longbridge.


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