Shelley is a small female long haired tortoiseshell cat, around 20 years old.

Her fur is in a bad condition due to her age – she has dreadlocks and bald patches where dreadlocks have been removed.

Last seen yesterday (Monday 2nd May) at around 11am at her home in Hollymoor Way, Northfield.

Shelley loves to be outdoors, but usually always returns home at night. Her owners are very worried, especially in view of her age.

Please check sheds, garages and gardens and keep an eye out for her.

If you think you may have seen Shelley, please contact us or call Ceri directly on 07816 845854

Update 10th May: Shelley has now been found and returned home! She was found on Tuesday 3rd May in Quinton and taken to Barnes Hill RSPCA. Thanks to everyone who looked out for her!


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