The Conservative Party councillor, Adrian Delaney retained the Weoley seat by just 12 votes in the closest of our local polls.

With both Labour and Conservative candidates sharing over 80% of the poll, Delaney held his seat from Labour candidate Chris Hillcox. Earlier rumours suggested the count revealed a 15 vote majority for Delaney, prompting a recount.

Liberal Democrat candidate, Trevor Sword, came in third, with David Williams (Green) fourth and John Graainger (BNP) fifth.

Result – Weoley – Con Hold
Name Party Votes % Poll
Adrian Joseph
The Conservative Party
2,599 41.66
British National Party 305 4.89
The Labour and Co-operative
Party Candidate
2,587 41.46
Trevor Peter
Liberal Democrats 402 6.44
David Owen
Green Party Candidate 312 5.00

Electorate: 17,655

Majority: 12

Total votes for ward: 6,239

Total percentage votes for ward: 35.33%

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  1. A letter came through our door, from the Conservative councillors, telling is that St Laurence Junior and Infants School is proposing to go up to four forms of entry. It is already one of the biggest primary schools in Birmingham.
    It has plenty of land, but the parking problems around the school when parents come and collect their children are already horrendous, and presumably this change will mean that more children come from farther away.
    In any case do we want such big schools? Surely the whole point of primary education is to have schools where everyone knows everyone else, and very young children do not feel theatened by large numbers and formal systems?
    St Laurence is a good school. But is it not in danger of destroying its own quality by becoming such a huge one?


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