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Police, a photo by Sas Taylor on Flickr.

A telephone survey carried out by Northfield MP Richard Burden has shown that residents are opposed to proposed cuts to police budgets.

Richard Burden carried out a telephone survey of 202 Weoley residents in March.

Following the survey, a public meeting was held at Elim Pentecostal Church on March 19th to address how the local community would deal with 20% cuts to police funding. The meeting was attended by a police commander from Bournville station, Richard Burden and local residents.

Local residents were asked their opinion on cuts to the police budget. Of those that responded:

13% thought a 20% cut to the police budget was achievable without cutting frontline police numbers;
19% said that there are others way to cut the deficit;
68% said that police budgets should not be cut.
Mr Burden said, “Local residents are really concerned about the Conservative-led government’s plans to cut the West Midlands Police budget by 20%.

‘It’s now clear that this will mean a reduction in the number of frontline policemen and women here in Birmingham – and, unfortunately, it looks like the officers we are going to lose will be our most experienced ones.

‘What’s more, the impact on police officers, police civilian staff and services in our region will be disproportionate – compared to areas like Surrey, the West Midlands will be hit hard.

‘I will continue to work with local residents and my Labour colleagues across Birmingham to fight the cuts to our local police. We should be cutting crime, not the police.’

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