Missing person appeal from West Midlands Police:

BIRMINGHAM South police are issuing an appeal for anyone with information on a man from Northfield who has been missing for over 12 months.

64-year-old Alan Murray was reported missing to police on Thursday April 15 2010.

Apart from several unconfirmed sightings in the first few months of his disappearance he has not been seen since Monday 12 April 2010.

His family are understandably anxious to know what has happened to Alan whose disappearance was uncharacteristic.

His ex wife and 16 year old son in particular are keen to hear news of Alan.

Alan had never been missing before and is considered vulnerable as he has mobility problems, did not take his walking stick, glasses or any medication which is required daily, with him.

It is known that Alan was in a depressed state of mind at the time of his disappearance.

Alan, who lives alone, has a number of social acquaintances, particularly at his local pub the Woodcock in Bartley Green, but none of them have seen him since April last year.

His ex wife, Sheila Ward, said: “I know that Alan had been depressed but his disappearance came out of the blue and was a huge shock to the family. There is a huge hole in our family now and we just want to know what has happened to him”

“It doesn’t matter where he’s been or what he’s been doing, we just want him home or to call us to say he’s okay.

“The worst case scenario has gone through every bodies mind but we are trying to remain positive that he is somewhere safe and well.

“At the moment it’s just a horrible waiting game.”

Alan is described as white male, 5ft 6ins tall, of medium build, with thinning grey hair and a full beard. He was wearing white trainers and light blue trousers when he was last seen. He has numerous tattoos on his arms and body. One distinctive tattoo – reading ‘Tracey and Alan’ inscribed inside a heart on his left hand.

Police have made extensive local enquiries to trace him, including trawling local park land but so far without success.

Detective Inspector Jim Foy, from Bourneville police station, said: “We are doing everything we can to find Alan and have conducted extensive searches of the area to try to locate his whereabouts but to no avail.

“There have also been several unconfirmed sightings of Alan since he went missing but all leads have proved unfruitful.

“We are concerned that Alan’s bank account activity has shown no notable access or activity for this missing person. This leads us to be very anxious with regards to Alan’s’ current whereabouts.

“Our aim is to find Alan safe and well and to be able to offer his family some form of resolution so they can have peace of mind.”

“If anyone has any knowledge even what may be considered minor information as to his whereabouts we urge them to contact the police.”

Mr Alan Murray, or anyone with information relating to his whereabouts, is urged to contact Bourneville police station on 101

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