Braun PaxetteIt’s that time again! Time to get yourself up in the middle of the night to record that special hour of the day!

We’ve written about photographer Karen Strunks’ 4am Project before and this Sunday (24th April) morning, Karen has an exciting official event in the city centre, which you can read about in her press release below.

Unfortunately, tickets for the event are all taken but you can still join in as usual!

Don’t forget to set your alarm clocks and join photographers around the world for the 4am Project!

So get out into your street, or high streeet, or local park, or garden, or even do something artistic in the warmth of your home! You don’t have to have an amazing camera, use any camera you have, even a cameraphone! It’s not just about stunning images, it’s about recording a space in time we don’t normally see. Upload your 4am pictures to flickr (you can set up an account for free, if you don’t already have one) and add them to the 4am Project group & the B31blog group.

If you can’t make it on Sunday, you can add pictures from any day, so long as they were taken between 4-5am. If you’d rather, you can email us with your local images!

4am Project Press Release:

Birmingham Library by Vladimir Morozov 

4am Photographers to get Brutal at Birmingham’s Central Library

Birmingham photographers with mild insomnia and an eye for the unusual will have the unique opportunity to play their part in an innovative global project to record and document the world before dawn and take part in this years 4am Project Tour.

The 4am Project, a worldwide community experience, takes place on Sunday 24 April 2011 and aims to capture a time of day that many people rarely see. Brainchild of UK photographer Karen Strunks, and building on the ever growing phenomenon of social media, the 4am Project is an exercise in global solidarity to encourage the sharing of visual imagery that reflects the world we live in.

Alongside the 4am Project each year runs a curated 4am Project Tour providing photographers with exclusive access to unique and wonderful locations. This year in conjunction with Project Brutal the 4am Project Tour comes to iconic Birmingham’s Central Library and will allow photographers entry into the library and also exclusive access to some truly magical and breathtaking areas not seen by the public.

With the brutalist library currently on course for demolition this years 4am Project Tour will provide a final chance for people to capture and celebrate this truly iconic building.

Partnering with the 4am Project Tour this year is Project Brutal which works to curate and encourage creative projects and events that capture Birmingham’s Brutal Central Library before it’s proposed demolition.

Co-ordinator for the 4am Project, Karen Strunks, is adamant 4am can often be a beautiful time of day.

“I live in Birmingham – the UK’s second largest city – and after a night out a while back, I was driving from one side of the city to the other. It was around 4am and I was really struck by the cityscape. Streets and roads normally teeming with people and traffic were deserted. The city was asleep and it felt like I had it all to myself. I liked it.

In 2008 I went out to take my first pictures at 4am in Birmingham. I made some of them available on my blog. I asked readers of my blog for their suggestions of places they’d like to see at 4am. They decided where I went, and I took the photos, so it’s become a collaboration. When I started to think about how the idea could be extended, the 4am Project was born.”

The aim of the 4am Project is to gather a collection of photos from around the world at the magical time of 4am on 24 April 2011. Anyone with a digital camera or camera phone can share their photos by uploading them onto Flickr with the tag 4amproject.

The 4am Project roots are in the West Midlands, but it also has wide international appeal. Karen has already received photos taken at 4am from around 40 countries across the world, including Russia, Canada, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Sweden, and Brazil and has amassed almost 5000 excellent quality images.

For more information, please visit

Birmingham Central Library
Birmingham Central Library | Sas Taylor
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