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Council House at night by Sakkra Paiboon on Flickr

We’ve also decided to include the other Northfield constituency wards in our election features, although we don’t generally cover much in Kings Norton and Weoley, we thought it would be helpful to include them.

So here are the nominated candidates for Kings Norton and Weoley wards for the 2011 local elections to be held on May 5th 2011.

Kings Norton

Ball, Robert Michael – Liberal Democrats

Griffiths, Peter James Llewelyn – Labour

Hickman, Ged – Green Party

Waldron, Frances Ann – British National Party

Wood, Barbara Iris – Conservative Party (current councillor)


Delaney, Adrian Joseph – Conservative Party (current councillor)

Grainger, John – British National Party

Hillcox, Chris – Labour & Cooperative Party

Sword, Trevor – Liberal Democrats

Williams, David Owen – Green Party

So, now we have a full list of candidates, we’ll be contacting them all for our ‘500 words’ feature, asking to describe themselves and their campaign for us in just 500 words.

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