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With just a month to go until polling stations open, we’re just getting geared up for this year’s local election.

This is the first local election since we started b31.org.uk and it’s an important one – with the change of government at the last general election and many railing against cuts, how will this affect votes locally?

We will also have the chance to vote in a national referendum, to decide whether or not we should adopt and Alternative Voting system.

We’ll be aiming to provide some useful information to help you to decide how to use your votes.

A full list of candidates was released today by Birmingham City Council and we’ll be posting that shortly.

We’ll also have information, opinion and useful links over the coming weeks. We’d love to hear your views so please join in the conversation!

In addition, we’ve stolen…. I mean, borrowed the brilliant “500 Words” idea from Stoke’s Pits n Pots blog. We’ll be inviting each candidate standing in Longbridge and Northfield wards to submit 500 Words describing themselves, why they’re standing and what they would have to offer as a councillor.

We’ll also be explaining the alternative vote system (attempting to!) and will be asking some local people and politicians to write us a few words on why they are supporting a Yes or a No vote.

If there is anything else you’d like to see here, or even contribute yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us

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